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Ex-Respawn Devs Comment on Titanfall 2 Being Released Just a Week After Battlefield 1 News 25

News 25 While Titanfall 2 was well receieved critically when it launched, it probably didn’t sell as well as it should have given its release window. For those unaware, publisher EA made the baffling decision of releasing Titanfall 2 just a week after Battlefield 1 — arguably, the publisher’s biggest multiplayer IP. In a video interview talking […]

Drew McCoy And Jon Shiring Talks About Leaving Respawn to Form Gravity Well News 0

News 0 In case you missed the news last week, former Infinity Ward (Call of Duty) and Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall) devs Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring have started a new studio called “Gravity Well.” While they aren’t quite so ready to discuss exactly what they’re working on, both have taken to a recent podcast to discuss their time at Respawn Entertainment. The interview […]

Former Infinity Ward, Respawn Devs Start New AAA Studio “Gravity Well” News 0

News 0 While we’re in the midst of an on-going global pandemic with the COVID-19 situation, that hasn’t stopped former Infinity Ward (Call of Duty) and Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall) devs Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring to launch their own AAA studio named “Gravity Well.” Both devs have a message to say to the gaming community. A STUDIO […]