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Latest Hitman 2 “How to Hitman” Trailer Showcases Agent 47’s Different Tools to Kill News 0

News 0 IO Interactive has a new Hitman 2 trailer for us today, and this one shows Agent 47 demoing his “tools of the trade.” Whether it’s shooting someone on the head, blowing them up, or sniping them from afar, Agent 47 can do it all. Watch Agent 47 showcase his extremely deadly set of skills, all […]

Hitman 2 Has Now Gone Gold News 0

News 0 Fast approaching its November 13 launch date, Hitman 2 has gone gold! For those not familiar with the term, “gold” means that the developer is done making the game, and it’s now being sent off to be mass manufactured. This little nugget of info was shared by the developer IO Interactive, who even accompanied the […]

New Hitman 2 Trailer Brings You to Colombia News 0

News 0 IO Interactive has released a new Hitman 2 trailer, and ths one brings us to the drug-infested levels of Colombia! Watch as Agent 47 take out enemies both in the jungle, and in suburban areas. He even uses a bag of what seems to be cocaine to knock someone out! Three high-profile targets inhabit a […]

Latest Hitman 2 Trailer Brings Us to the Jungle News 0

News 0 IO Interactive’s highly successful Hitman franchise is going to the jungle in Hitman 2! In this new Hitman 2 trailer, we’re given a teaser that Agent 47 is taking his talents from the bustling city life, to the jungle! Now published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Hitman 2 is set for release this November 13 […]

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