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Naughty Dog Teasing Something For This Spring? Possibly Final The Last of Us DLC News 10

News 10 It seems that Naughty Dog may be hinting at a reveal some time this Spring, according to a possible hint left in the recently released Last of Us DLC, Left Behind. In the mall section bit, you’ll come across a sign that says “Colorado Experience Coming Spring 2014”. While the game pre-break-out is taking place […]

The Last of Us Patch 1.06 Brings Balancing Tweaks, Network Fixes, New Trophies, and More News 14

News 14 A new patch for The Last of Us is set to deploy later today. With it comes DLC support for the soon to release single-player expansion, Left Behind, along with a hefty amount of online changes that include networking and balancing fixes. Check out the full notes below: Single Player Patch 1.06 is required to […]