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Ex-Bungie Developer on Microtransactions: Devs Have Families to Feed, Cautions Gamers to Not Buy Them as Protest News 0

News 0 Like it or not, it seems the video game industry is now trending towards loot boxes, loot crates and the like in almost every game. While most of the items included are cosmetic, there are a few games that includes weapons or other game-changing items in them.  While most devs have been quite mum on […]

ESRB Doesn’t Consider Loot Boxes as a Form of Gambling News 0

News 0 With games like Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and even the soon-tob-released games Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II all featuring loot boxes of some kind, it’s safe to say that this latest gaming trend is here to stay.  While some might like the idea of unlocking random […]