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“Only in Battlefield 4” Official TV Trailer News 70

News 70 There are epic gaming moments, then there are epic “only in Battlefield” moments that DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 4 is certain to be filled with. Showing off some of recent history’s more crazy Battlefield 4 moments from Gamescom this past summer and the currently ongoing official beta on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC is […]

DICE’s “Only In Battlefield 3” Video Contest Returns News 24

News 24 Last December, Swedish-based developers DICE put together a nifty little video contest that required players to submit footage of their most amazing in-game moments, moments that can only happen in the epic, large-scale warfare FPS Battlefield 3. Much to our entertainment and pleasure, this competition dubbed “Only in Battlefield 3” returns once again, as recently […]