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“Only in Battlefield 3” Video Contest Winners Announced News 13

News 13 At last, DICE announces the top three video entries in their second “Only in Battlefield 3” competition. DICE writes, “Over 1,200 fan made Battlefield 3 videos reached our inbox, and the level of quality was exceptional. Here at DICE, we never tire of seeing your Battlefield Moments and your creative editing skills. It’s been very […]

Only In Battlefield 3 Video Contest – DICE Picks Their Top 10 Favorites News 21

News 21 Battlefield 3 developers DICE (Digital Illusion CE) have, at last, narrowed down the number of video entries in their Only in Battlefield 3 contest to the top 10 picks. To learn more about the contest, including what prizes are being offered this time around, read here. All that’s left at this point is for the top […]

What Makes a Good Battlefield 3 Moment? News 5

News 5 YouTuber EvilViking13 answers a unique but important question: “What makes a good Battlefield moment?” As part of DICE’s ongoing “Only In Battlefield 3” contest, which calls for video submissions of your most epic Battlefield moment for a chance to win a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, EvilViking13 provides us with spectacular video proof of what makes […]

Top 6 WTF Moments in Battlefield 3 News 4

News 4 What sets Battlefield 3 apart from other multiplayer games is its unique moments ranging from pure awesomeness, funny, lucky, to WTF. These “only in Battlefield 3” moments were one of the reasons why Battlefield 3 won the first MP1st’s multiplayer experience of the year award. Today, we present 6 WTF videos we’ve compiled for your viewing […]