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Ubisoft Lists Rainbow Six Siege’s Minimum & Recommended PC System Requirements News 1

News 1 Ubisoft has listed the kind of PC rig you’ll need in order to run their upcoming tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. You’ll find both the minimum and recommended specs below, as well as a list of supported video cards at launch. A minimum of 30GB of space will be required to install the game. Read […]

Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial Starts Tomorrow, PC Spec Requirements Detailed News 107

News 107 Those who have been patiently waiting on the alpha testing stages of DICE’s latest FPS, Battlefield 4, to get underway won’t have to wait much longer. Invites to the Battlefield 4 alpha are being sent now, with the full alpha trial going live tomorrow. According DICE dev ‘TheBikingViking,’ those who didn’t receive an alpha invite […]

Crytek Wants to Melt Your PC, Official Crysis 3 PC Requirements Revealed News 34

News 34 Crytek wants to melt your PC. These system requirements for Crysis 3 prove it. Crytek has released minimum, recommended and high-performance specifications for the PC version of Crysis 3, releasing this February, 2013. Last April, Crytek said, “we’re just going for making the best looking game that’s ever been made, basically, and I think we’re well […]