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$20 Per Month PlayStation Now Subscription Comes To North America Mid-January, Sony Announces News 15

News 15 Today, Sony announced that a subscription to its currently existing PlayStation Now service, allowing users to stream PlayStation games to various Sony devices such as the PlayStation 4, Sony Xperia, PS Vita, and Smart TV, will arrive in North America on January 13th. For the time being, the streaming service will only allow PlayStation 4 owners to […]

The Division To Deliver ‘Unexpected New Features and Unique Innovation’ With Snowdrop News 26

News 26 If last week’s jaw-dropping technical demonstration of the powerful Snowdrop engine is anything to go by, Massive Entertainment’s The Division is going to be a beautiful game to look at. While the graphics engine built internally within the studio will certainly afford Massive the flexibility and agility they require for a gigantic, open-world, third-person shooter like The […]

Sony Announces “PlayStation Now” Game Streaming Service, Closed Beta This Month With A Summer Release News 25

News 25 Sony took the stage today at CES to reveal their new cloud-base gaming streaming service, PlayStation Now. Originally announced early last year, the streaming service will be available on a wide range of devices, from the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, to even smartphones and Televisions such as the Sony Bravia. With PlayStation […]