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Battlefield 4 – DICE Suggests Sub 50 Player Limit For Rented Servers On PS4 and Xbox One News 52

News 52 With the long requested rent-a-server feature now live for Battlefield 4 across all platforms, it seems that the implementation of the feature isn’t going as smoothly as developer DICE had hoped it would. DICE has issued an update on an occurring issue being investigated in Battlefield 4 where any rented server on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms fails […]

Battlefield 3 Rent A Server Trailer, Additional Xbox 360 Patch Notes News 53

News 53 In celebration of Battlefield 3 private servers making their way to consoles, DICE has released a brand new trailer highlighting all of the features that can be tweaked to make your very own private server. Also, additional patch notes for the Xbox 360 have been posted on the Battlelog wich you can view below. Xbox […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Server Rental Options and Prices Detailed News 80

News 80 Now that both Battlefield 3’s client side and server side are synced up with patch 1.04, prices and details of server rentals have been revealed. Update: Here are the prices in American dollars: 1 day: $1.49 7 days: $6.99 30 days: $24.99 90 days: $64.99 Original Story: Renting private servers is now available to all Battlefield 3 players on PS3, and […]