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Upcoming Battlefield 4 Weapon Tweaks Detailed News 41

News 41 Battlefield 4 developers DICE have detailed a number of upcoming tweaks the studio will be making to a number of the game’s weapons. As noted a few days ago, DICE stated that they would be looking into tweaking the designated marksman rifle class in order to increase its effectiveness. Today, in a recent Battlefield Blog post, […]

The Complete List of 16 Secondaries and 14 Attachments – Machine Pistols are Back News 4

News 4 Yesterday, we brought you a complete list of MW3 primary weapons and a detailed look at the deathstreaks. Today, we’ve just received lists of the confirmed Secondaries and Attachments. Secondary weapons include 4 machine pistols, 6 Hanguns, and 6 Launchers. In terms of attachments, Modern Warefare packs in 14 attachments. Secondary Guns Machine Pistols FM69 […]