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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review – Our Spider-Man Reviews 0

Reviews 0 In 2018, Insomniac Games struck gold when the developer created Marvel’s Spider-Man (read our review of it here). By now, everyone should know the gist behind the webhead: gets bitten by a spider, “great power comes great responsibility”, a wide range of villains, and of course, a slightly deranged journalist that tries to discredit him. […]

New PS5 4K Movie Branding Shows Up on New Movie Cover News 0

News 0 Spider-Man Miles Morales won’t be the only Spider-Man content dropping this November, as Sony Pictures is set to release a movie collection featuring the web-swinger’s recent releases shortly after the launch of the PS5. To help go tie-in the marketing, a new work in progress box art has been uncovered, showing off a new PS5 […]

Report: Retailer States Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man Swings Out in March News 1

News 1 Just a few weeks ago, Crystal Dynamics made a splash with Marvel’s Avengers when it announced that Spider-Man would be joining the roster, and unfortunately, will be exclusive on PlayStation platforms. While the devs have only mentioned we’ll see Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man swing his way sometime in 2021, it looks like we have a more […]

Marvel’s Avengers Getting Spider-Man but Only on PlayStation News 0

News 0 Remember the rumor we ran over the weekend regarding Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man being in the game but exclusive to PlayStation platforms? Well, as it turns out, it is indeed happening! Announced by Jeff Adams, Crystal Dynamics Associate Art Directo via the PlayStation Blog, the studio announced that Spider-Man will have his own unique skill tree […]

Rumor: Marvel’s Avengers Will Feature Spider-Man as a Playable Character, But Only on PS4 News 0

News 0 With Crystal Dynamics already announcing that Hawkeye will be the first hero we’ll see post-launch for Marvel’s Avengers, some might be wondering whether we’ll see everyone’s favorite wallcrawler in the game. If this recent advert from a UK retailer is to be believed, Spider-Man will indeed be part of the roster, but only on PS4. […]

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Announced, Out This Holiday News 1

News 1 As part of today’s PS5 games showcase, Sony announced Spider-Man: Miles Morales! It’s unknown at this time whether this is DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man or a completely separate game. All we know is, it’s out Holiday 2020 and will be on the PS5. Watch the trailer for it below! The title is being developed by […]

Get This Free Spider-Man PS4 Theme Right Now Before It Swings Away News 0

News 0 Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? In case you didn’t know, Insomniac Games’ (Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive) has just developed what seems to be a topnotch Spider-Man game simply titled, “Marvel’s Spider-Man.” While the game might not include any multiplayer of any kind, we here at MP1st felt like we’re doing gamers a disservice […]