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List of Tentative Weapon Attachment Accuracy Plots Planned For Next Battlefield 3 Patch News 71

News 71 The recent list of tentative weapon tweaks has been updated with info regarding accuracy plots that will be affected by the various weapon attachments in the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch. Legend: Left = Weapon without attachment. Middle = Weapon with attachment. Right = Weapon with attachment and forgrip. Attachments: Click on the attachment name for a list […]

[Updated] List of Tentative Weapon Tweaks Planned for Next Battlefield 3 Patch – 2nd Edition News 25

News 25 Update 3: Read here for a list of tentative weapon attachment accuracy plots planned for the next battlefield 3 patch. Update 2: Added further details for various weapon attachments. Update 1: DICE has recently released a Full List of Confirmed Fixes and Tweaks Coming to Battlefield 3 in the Next Big Patch, so make sure to check that out to […]