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Titanfall – Respawn Engineer on Xbox Live Compute: “The Internet is Very Sceptical That This is Real” News 109

News 109 Respawn Engineer Jon Shiring, aka “Slothy”, is grateful for Xbox One’s Xbox Live Compute program built upon Microsoft’s Azure server database, powering a number of the standout features that Titanfall delivers. Speaking to Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb in a recent podcast, Shiring explains how the new tech has made the lives of Respawn’s […]

Xbox Live Compute Brings Dedicated Servers to All Xbox One Games News 84

News 84 Xbox Live Compute will allow game developers to utilize the scalable computing resources that Microsoft deploys within their regional datacenters, as well as afford them the opportunity to go above and beyond the limits that physical hardware imposes on the creator. It will offer them massive server resources without studios having to deal with the the growing […]