The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.48 Released This Sep. 5 for Update 39

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.48

Bethesda has released The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.48 (PS5 version 1.009.000) for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms this September 5. This is update 39 and it includes loads of improvements and gameplay additions. Read on for the patch notes for The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.48 Patch Notes | The Elder Scrolls Online Update 1.009.000 Patch Notes | The Elder Scrolls Online Update 39 for September 5 Patch Notes | ESO Update 9.1.5 Patch Notes:

Quest & Content Improvements for New Players
As part of an ongoing initiative to improve the initial experience of the early game and make it less overwhelming with “endless quest pin spam”, we’ve revised many quests in major cities to show up later along your leveling path so as not to misdirect the unwary. The changes made include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following broad categories listed below. As always, each location may have its own special requirements (such as cities that need to be saved and/or zone story quests that need to be completed). Please note that if you acquire the quests any other way (such as being shared, or through the Crown Store for a prologue, etc.) then you should be able to continue them normally.

  • The Prophet and other Base Game main quest bestowers will now only appear in Chapter and DLC cities after you are at least level 5 and have completed the first quest in the respective Zone Story.
  • Story quests (not “join the guild” quests) offered by the Fighters and Mages Guild will now only be visible to players level 5 or above.
  • Reworked Fighters Guild bestowals in all zones so that Bera Moorsmith does not chase you down anymore, instead waiting patiently by the guild entrance to flag you down.
  • Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood vector quests now require you to be at least level 5. These quests are still available at any level within their respective zones.
  • A Room to Spare (Housing Introductory quest) flyers are now only visible to players level 6 or higher. The quest is now also more consistently available across appropriate locations.
  • Sorinne Gerard no longer yells at you to learn how to play Tribute in places outside of High Isle before you reach at least level 6.
  • Availability of crafting certification quests has been standardized at level 6 in most locations.
  • Bestowers for delve, world event, and world boss daily quests will now only be visible to players level 7 or above (or if they are shared with you, as noted above).
  • Bolgrul, the Undaunted daily questgiver, will now only be visible to players level 7 or above.
  • Daily quest bestowers from the Fighters and Mages Guild will now only be visible to players level 7 or above.
  • Bestowers for Battleground and Undaunted introductory quests are now only visible to players level 10 or above.
  • Bestowers for zone vectoring quests (such as Craglorn) will now only be visible to players level 15 and above.
  • Bestowers for prologue quests will now only be visible to players level 15 and above.
  • Bestowers for Trial introductory quests will now only be available to players level 50 and above in cities; you can still get them in the trials themselves at any point.

Navigator Quest Pins
As part of this update, we’ve introduced a new system that utilizes the navigator service NPCs in Tamriel’s major cities so tracked quests (either actively tracked or not-currently-tracked) indicate if any links will take you to locations where you have quests. This manifests as the “door” pin that is typically used for transit between spaces, which is now present over the navigator NPC if they have a suitable link to your destination. While in conversation with them, their conversation line options will also have “door” pins next to them indicating that is the dialogue option you should select to reach your quest location.

Update to Event Tickets
We have introduced a new safety rail for Event Tickets that come from looted sources (and only looted, as quest-ones already have a warning involved when you go to turn them in).

  • When you complete an action which would have dropped Event Tickets while at or near the Event Ticket currency cap (and not on daily cooldown) you will now receive a message letting you know you could have gotten Event Tickets from this source but did not have enough room to loot them.
  • Once you spend enough Event Tickets to properly loot additional tickets, you will be able to loot them from the next event-appropriate source.
  • If you fail to loot your Event Tickets at all (because you forgot, because you crashed, or because an asteroid hit your hometown and you managed to survive but lost internet) you will not automatically be put on the daily reset. You may attempt additional dungeons, kill bosses, or whatever the event-appropriate activity is until you completely loot your Event Tickets for that day.
  • You can still only receive Event Tickets once per day.
  • This behavior is currently in place for Undaunted Celebration and Witches Festival, and will roll out to other appropriate events over time.

New Cyrodiil Monster Masks
Three new Cyrodiil Monster Masks are being released in this update. The masks and shoulders can be purchased from the Elite Gear Vendor in three new containers for 50k AP each, and Style Pages can be purchased from the War Researcher Vendor as individual pages for 150k AP each.

  • Jerall Mountains Warchief
    • 1 – Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
    • 2 – Dealing damage applies a stack of Malady to your enemy, reducing Healing Taken by 1% for 5 seconds, up to 35 stacks. You can apply a stack once every 0.5 seconds. Applying Malady gives you a stack of Contagion, reducing Healing Taken by 1% for 5 seconds, up to 15 stacks. You can only gain a stack once every 1 second.
  • Nibenay Bay Battlereeve
    • 1 – Adds 424 Critical Resistance
    • 2 – When you are forcefully moved via a Pull, Knockback, or Teleport ability, gain a damage shield that absorbs up to 15112 damage for 6 seconds. This damage shield is not affected by Battle Spirit. This effect can occur once every 14 seconds. While you do not have the damage shield from this set, reduce your damage taken from Players by 5%.
  • Colovian Highlands General
    • 1 – Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
    • 2 – When you kill a Player, gain a stack of Blood Debt for 0.5 seconds. When Blood Debt expires, you and up to 5 Group members within 28 meters of you gain 15 Ultimate per stack of Blood Debt.

New PvP Face & Body Markings
We’ve also added a new PvP Face and Body Mark Set: the Unfeathered Battle markings. This requires 100,000 AP to purchase and 50 Gladiator Proofs to combine.

PvP Death Notifications
We’ve added a new death notification feature to Cyrodiil, Imperial City and Battlegrounds to give more details about combat and deaths.

  • This new chat feature will alert you to who defeated whom, around what area the death occurred, and show alliance ranks of those in the battle.
  • In Cyrodiil and Imperial City specifically, you will also get more information on “crossed swords” showing who’s currently winning in that particular fight.
    • “Crossed sword” indicators are displayed when there have been 3 or more kills in an area within a short period of time, and last for 30 seconds after their initial creation if no more deaths occur.
  • While in Battlegrounds, this messaging will be truncated slightly as the area which a death occurred isn’t necessary.
  • These notifications can be toggled on and off in the Social settings.

Improved Imperial City Treasure Scamp Loot
Scamps located in the Imperial City sewers will appear less frequently but offer significantly increased rewards!

  • Cunning Scamps will now reward a greatly increased quantity of Tel Var Stones.
    • Note: This reward is NOT multiplied by the Imperial City Tel Var multiplier.
  • Trove Scamps will now drop a tradeable piece of Imperial City Gear in addition to their previous rewards. Item Sets that can be dropped include:
    • Black Rose
    • Galerion’s Revenge
    • Imperial Physique
    • Meritorious Service
    • Phoenix
    • Powerful Assault
    • Reactive Armor
    • Shield Breaker
    • Thews of the Harbinger
    • Vicecanon of Venom
  • In conjunction with this change, we are also lowering the number of scamps required to kill for the following achievements:
    • Trove Scamp Slayer has been reduced from 15 kills to 5 kills
    • Trove Scamp Exterminator has been reduced from 100 kills to 10 kills
    • Cunning Scamp Slayer has been reduced from 15 kills to 5 kills
    • Cunning Scamp Exterminator has been reduced from 100 kills to 10 kills

New & Updated Achievements
In this update, we’ve added new achievements for some existing content. If you have accomplished these already, they will be awarded automatically upon first log in.

  • Completing a Mythic will now grant an achievement, and there are also meta-achievements for completing all the Mythics in a given zone.
  • Getting a respective class to level 10 and to level 50 will trigger an achievement.
  • Antiquities that require you to find multiple fragments will now have an achievement associated with them.
  • Fencing 20,000 gold worth of items at a given outlaw’s refuge will now trigger an associated achievement.
  • Dungeon collectible fragments are now usable. Using all the necessary items will trigger the associated achievement and award the collectible.
  • There is a new achievement when you max out your Excavation and Scrying skill lines for Antiquities.
  • Adjusted the point value for several achievements or edited their text to better communicate how to trigger the achievements.
  • Lowered the count for many achievements which includes the following:
    • Imperial City treasure and Tel Var scamps
    • The medals awarded for certain chaos ball and relic PvP achievements
    • Jee-Lar’s dailies
    • Several Orsinium achievements

Updates to Item Set Sourcing
In order to make it easier to find and obtain various item sets, we have fixed, adjusted, and otherwise cleaned up some item set sourcing, detailed below:

  • Cyrodiil
    • Rewards for the Worthy will continue to have the newest item sets.
    • As new sets continue to get added, older sets will be removed from the Rewards of the Worthy and added into other sources including Cyrodiil delves, dolmens, board missions, daily quests, town merchants and elite gear vendors.
      • Town Daily Quest and Town Merchants will be divided by Light, Medium and Heavy. With the exception of Cheydinhal and Chorrol/Weynon Priory, these daily quest reward coffers can reward any set.
      • All PvP sets are available as individual containers on both Town Merchants and Elite Gear Vendors.
        • Town Merchants have a discount price of 12k AP
        • Elite Gear Vendors have a higher price of 20k AP
      • All PvP item sets will now drop from Cyrodiil delves, dolmens and board missions.
        • Delves will drop waist and feet item sets
        • Dolmens will drop jewelry
        • Board Missions will drop all other armor pieces.
          • Bounty and Scout missions will award armor pieces from a new container.
          • Battle and Warfront missions will reward weapon slot pieces from a new container.
    • Any discrepancies in drop rates based on item slots have been brought up to current standards. This means rather than having a significantly higher chance of getting jewelry drops from sources, you will now have an equal chance of getting any piece of gear. This standard will be maintained for item sets going forward.
  • Craglorn Trials
    • In order to fix a number of item set curation issues in the Craglorn Trials, we have adjusted the locations of some item sets. The “shared set pool” will now be broken up and each Trial will now drop 4 sets. The breakdown is outlined below:
      • Aetherian Archive
        • Defending Warrior
        • Healing Mage
        • Infallible Mage
        • Quick Serpent
      • Hel Ra Citadel
        • Berserking Warrior
        • Destructive Mage
        • Eternal Warrior
        • Poisonous Serpent
      • Sanctum Ophidia
        • Immortal Warrior
        • Twice-Fanged Serpent
        • Vicious Serpent
        • Wise Mage
    • To fix a discrepancy in Item Slot sourcing, Varlariel in Aetherian Archive will now drop Head, Chest, Shoulders and Leg set pieces; the two Atronachs will drop Hands, Waist and Feet set pieces.
    • Completing a Craglorn Trial on Normal difficulty will award blue-quality gear, while completing a Trial on Veteran difficulty will award purple-quality gear, with jewelry potentially being gold.
  • Hew’s Bane
    • Delves in Hew’s Bane will now drop Hands, Waist and Feet set pieces in all weights.
    • World Bosses in Hew’s Bane will now drop Head, Chest, Leg, and Shoulder set pieces in all weights, in addition to Jewelry and Weapons.
    • Chests and monsters in the overland will drop sets in all slots and weights.
    • Daily Delve and World Boss Quest Coffers can award sets in all slots in all weights.
    • Added reward coffers with a Hew’s Bane Item Set drop to the following quests:
      • Memories of Youth
      • The Lost Pearls
      • The Sailor’s Pipe
      • Thrall Cove
    • Thieves Guild Heist containers will drop sets in all slots and all weights.
  • Gold Coast
    • Delves in the Gold Coast will drop Hands, Waist and Feet set pieces in all weights, including Flanking Strategist and Hide of Morihaus.
    • World Bosses in the Gold Coast will drop Head, Chest, Leg, and Shoulder set pieces in all weights, in addition to Jewelry and Weapons, including Flanking Strategist and Hide of Morihaus.
    • Chests and monsters in the overland will drop sets in all slots and weights.
    • Daily Delve and World Boss Quest Coffers will continue to award sets in all slots and all weights.
    • Dark Brotherhood Sacrament Containers will continue to award sets in all slots and all weights for Sithis’ Touch.
    • Remains-Silent will continue to award all slots in all weights for Sithis’ Touch.

Stacking of Identical Crown Store Items 
We’ve made some changes to how certain Crown Store items appear in your inventory, which will allow for items that appeared to be the same (but came from different sources) to be stacked.

  • Select the “Stack All Items” keybind from the UI if you have some affected items to reclaim inventory space.
  • Items from Daily Login Rewards will now stack with their associated Crown Store items.
    • Note: This does not affect items that can be exchanged for gems, which are denoted with a gem icon.

Unifying Unsellable Items 
We’ve made changes to certain items to allow for better understanding surrounding what can and cannot be sold. These changes should make the experience of selling items significantly more consistent and clearer.

  • Any item that is listed as 0 gold in your inventory cannot be sold.
  • Certain items that were previously listed as 0 gold in your inventory but could still be sold to merchants will now be valued at 1 gold. Items impacted by this change include:
    • Weapons and armor picked up directly from clickable items throughout the environment
    • Certain crafting materials
    • Low level provisioning food and drink
    • Lockpicks
    • Items found in the tutorial

New Furnishings
In this update, we’re providing you with some new furnishing offerings, including:

  • 29 new Structural furnishing plans, which can be acquired via the Necrom Reward Coffer, obtainable by completing the Telvanni Peninsula World Boss or Delve Daily Quests.
  • 7 new Master Writ furnishing plans, detailed below.

Master Writ Vendor Offering Adjustments

  • We have introduced seven new Master Writ furnishing plans on Rolis Hlaalu, which can be individually purchased for 125 Writ Vouchers each:
    • Blueprint: Necrom Cart, Funerary
    • Design: Indoril Chandelier, Vine-Covered
    • Diagram: Dwarven Door, Bronze
    • Formula: Telvanni Lantern, Luminous Mushroom
    • Pattern: Dark Elf Tent, Multiroom
    • Praxis: Necrom Crematory, Furnace
    • Sketch: Mirror of the Weaver
  • The previous seven Master Writ furnishing plans on Rolis Hlaalu, which were introduced in the Scribes of Fate DLC, have been moved to Faustina Curio (Rolis Hlaalu’s assistant) for discounted individual purchase at 100 Writ Vouchers each if you have completed the “Unsurpassed Crafter” Achievement.
    • Blueprint: Druidic Bridge, Living
    • Design: Druidic Oven, Stone
    • Diagram: Statue, Bronze Tentacle
    • Formula: Druidic Throne, Y’ffre’s Bloom
    • Pattern: Mage Tapestry, Aurbic Phoenix
    • Praxis: Stone, Lava-Etched
    • Sketch: Resonance Crystal, Cerulean
  • The previous seven Master Writ furnishing plans that were on Faustina Curio, which were mostly High Isle in style, have been collected into a new item called the “High Isle Furnishing Folio”. This can be purchased from Faustina if you have the Unsurpassed Crafter Achievement, for 700 Writ Vouchers. This new folio contains the following items:
    • Blueprint: High Isle Caravel, Miniature
    • Design: Shark Jaw, Massive
    • Diagram: High Isle Beacon, Unlit
    • Formula: Potted Trees, Stonelore Dogwood
    • Pattern: High Isle Tapestry, Seaside Tourney
    • Praxis: High Isle Hearth, Tilework
    • Sketch: High Isle Hourglass, Gold
  • Faustina Curio now offers a new item, the “Galen Mixed Furnisher’s Document” which contains any of our Blue or Purple Quality recipes from Galen available for 30 Writ Vouchers, provided either the “Agent for Arabelle” or “Mornard Mercenary” Achievements have been completed.

Placing Furnishings from Inventory
You will now be able to place furnishings directly from your Inventory and from the collections screen while in your house.

Furnishing Preview Placement
There is now a Preview Placement option available when previewing items from the Purchase tab of the Housing Editor so you can see exactly what a new furnishing will look like in your home.

Suppressing Companions in Favor of Assistants 
When you have a Companion out and you summon an Assistant, your Companion will automatically be re-summoned when your Assistant is un-summoned.

New Endeavor Activity Types
We are introducing multiple new Endeavor types in Update 39, all of which may now show up in your daily and weekly Endeavor activities, offering you new ways to earn Seals of Endeavor.

Antiquity Skill Line Crown Store Unlock 
Fully completing the Excavation and Scrying skill lines on one character now unlocks the ability to purchase those skill lines on other characters.

  • You must maximize both the Excavation and Scrying skill lines before this new product is available for purchase.
  • Purchase of this product will unlock both the Excavation and Scrying skill lines, if not already unlocked, and advance both skill lines to their maximum rank on the character that purchases it.
  • This new offering will be located under “Upgrades -> Skill Lines” in the Crown Store.



  • When stamina is drained to zero and when using Gamepad Mode, your character may briefly twitch rapidly when attempting to attack.

As mentioned earlier this year, we’ve taken a change in approach with this update where we’re taking more time for polish and quality of life improvements during this time of year. This means that the focus of changes this time around are aimed at polishing experiences within combat systems and fixing bugs with existing things, as well as beginning to integrate some new fancy technology we obtained from creating the Arcanist class. We have some targeted balance adjustments too, of course, but the list is quite short compared to other updates and is not indicative of everything we’d like to tune and tweak. With that being said, let’s talk about what the major changes are focused on.

In this update, the major focus outside of the stated bug fixing is polishing weapon passives to help better define and diversify those choices when making your build. Weapons are traditionally seen as tools that push your class advantages or make up for some of their disadvantages, and we’ve noticed based on feedback and metrics on their engagement that they’ve been falling short of that. In aims to improve this experience, we’ve taken some specific passives and adjusted them to target some pain points on how you can build or play around them. These changes are focused on our more offensive weapons since Restoration Staff and One Hand and Shield are in a relatively solid place.

Aside from this pass on weapon passives, we’ve also started to roll in some back-end reworks that utilize the fancy new “While this ability is slotted on either bar” functionality that the Arcanist added with the Tome-Bearer’s Inspiration ability. We’re not planning to use this everywhere we have passive bonuses for ability slotting, but we did immediately see an opportunity to drastically improve the flow and user experience on Grim Focus and Bound Armaments. These abilities will now no longer require you to activate them to be eligible to begin generating stacks with Light or Heavy Attacks, as they’ll now build stacks any time the ability is slotted on either bar. This removes the need for the “dead cast” to activate them – removing the buff management portion of the ability – while also removing those frustrating moments when you activated them too early, wasting a global cooldown. We’re very excited for Nightblades and Sorcerers to get their hands on these changes!

Of course, as mentioned earlier, you can still expect some minor tweaks and changes to abilities and item sets for balance or bug fixing, but this covers most of the work in this update. We’ve done a lot of back-end improvements to many Area of Effect-generating item sets – swapping them over to the Area of Effect improvements we started working on almost two years ago – but we won’t bore you with those details since they shouldn’t impact how you use them! Safe journeys and we look forward to seeing you in Tamriel!


  • Fixed an issue that could cause pet health bars to not appear.
  • Updated the visibility of the highlight effect that Crux spending abilities have when at 3 Crux, to make them stand out more.
  • Bonuses that increase your damage done to monsters will now also apply their effects to proc based damage.
  • While grouped, you can no longer leave an instanced area while in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where targets hit by displacement effects while stealthed or invisible could fail to be revealed in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Break Free from properly granting Crowd Control immunity after the original Crowd Control was removed.
  • Fixed an issue where some visual effects could play erroneously after coming out of stealth while dueling.
  • Fixed an issue where the final hit of channeled Heavy Attacks (Lightning and Restoration) were not considered channeled attacks, despite totally being channeled attacks.


  • Herald of the Tome
    • Abyssal Impact: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs did not cause you to unsheathe your weapons on cast.
    • Fatecarver:
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could fail to return as a channeled or Damage over Time effect in some cases.
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs did not properly interact with interrupts between the lock out duration and immunity behavior, after being affected by an interrupt.
  • Curative Runeforms
    • Fixed an issue where this skill line leveled faster than other skill lines.
    • Apocryphal Gate
      • Passage Between Worlds (morph): Fixed an issue where the synergy from this morph failed to act as casting a synergy for many item sets and other proc based events.
    • Remedy Cascade:
      • Fixed an issue where the aim assist feature for the Stamina versions of this ability and its morphs would attempt to lock onto enemies rather than allies.  Stamina builds confirmed rebels?
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs did not properly interact with Interrupt’s lock out behavior and immunities.


  • Ardent Flame
    • Combustion: Reduced the damage bonus this passive provides to Burning and Poisoned status effects to 12/33%, down from 25/50%.

Draconic Power

  • Dragon Blood
    • Green Dragon Blood (morph):
      • This morph now also adds a small Heal over Time, lasting 5 seconds and scaling off your Max Health (~3% per tick).
      • This morph no longer increases in duration of effects by 1 second for every rank, but rather ranks up the healing done of the healing over time.
    • Dragon Leap: Fixed an issue where this ability could be cast on swimming targets, resulting in some extreme tomfoolery.


  • Grave Lord
    • Frozen Colossus:
      • Reduced the cost of this Ultimate and its morphs to 175, down from 225.
      • Increased the damage per hit of all versions by approximately 11%.
        • Pestilent Colossus (morph): This morph now also always guarantees the Diseased status effect on each hit.
        • Glacial Colossus: This morph now also extends the duration of Major Vulnerability to 17 seconds per hit, up from 12.

Bone Tyrant

  • Bitter Harvest
    • Deaden Pain (morph): This morph now also increases the duration of the effects it grants to 4 seconds per corpse consumed, up from 2.


  • Assassination
    • Death Stroke
      • Incapacitating Strike (morph): Fixed a VERY old and very annoying bug where the special version of this Ultimate could fail to be activated in some cases where your Ultimate cost was being affected by bonuses or penalties that changed the original 120 Ultimate cost requirement for the Stun. The tooltip, animations, and ability cast will now always update their cost and activation phases when you meet their augmented cost values.
    • Grim Focus:
      • This ability and its morphs no longer need to be activated to generate stacks, as they will now generate stacks any time you meet their original requirements simply with the ability slotted on either bar.
      • Increased the cost of the special activate to 1890, up from 1350, to make up for the fact that you no longer need to activate the buff portion of these abilities.
      • These abilities now all use consistent naming and icons, rather than having separate names for the active versus stacking portions.
      • Updated the tooltips to mention that fully charged Heavy Attacks grant double stacks.
      • These abilities will now highlight on your ability bar when you are at full stacks, rather than becoming a different icon.
        • Relentless Focus (morph):
          • This morph now increases the amount of Weapon and Spell Damage each stack grants to 80 at rank IV, rather than increasing the duration of the buff, since the buff no longer has a duration.
          • This morph now costs 1377, rather than 1148.
  • Shadow
    • Shadow Cloak: This ability and the Shadowy Disguise morph now also grant Major Savagery and Prophecy for slotting on either bar, to help them offer more functionality outside of PvP and to ensure the abilities still offer something when they are being countered.
      • Dark Cloak (morph): This morph now swaps the Major Savagery and Prophecy to Minor Protection for slotting on either bar, rather than granting it for 10 seconds after casting the ability.
    • Veiled Strike
      • Surprise Attack: Reduced the cooldown of the guaranteed Critical Strike on this morph to 3 seconds, down from 4.
      • Concealed Weapon: This morph now grants Major Berserk for 7-10 seconds based on rank, rather than a unique 7-10% damage done when meeting its conditions.


  • Daedric Summoning
    • Bound Armor:
      • This ability and its morphs now grant their passive bonuses on both bars while slotted, rather than only the bar they are actively slotted on.
      • This ability and the Bound Aegis morph now passively grant their Minor Protection while slotted, rather than for a duration after casting.
      • Increased the base Max Magicka granted to 8% at rank IV of the base ability, rather than having each morph rank up to 8% separately.
        • Bound Armaments (morph):
          • This ability no longer needs to be activated to be eligible to generate Bound Weapons, and instead will generate a Bound Weapon whenever you Light or Heavy Attack with the ability slotted on either bar.
          • The ability activation now requires you to have at least 1 Bound Weapon active and additionally highlights when you have all 4 Bound Weapons active, for improved clarity.
          • Fully charged Heavy Attacks now also grant two Bound Weapons, rather than 1.
          • Fixed an issue where you could generate Bound Weapons while using Mend Wounds or its morphs.
  • Storm Calling
    • Overload:
      • Fixed an issue where this Ultimate and its morphs would not remove their toggle when you no longer had the cost necessary to activate a Light or Heavy Attack from them.
      • Fixed an issue where this Ultimate and its morphs’ Light and Heavy Attacks did not properly interact with Bound Armaments’ stacking behavior. The Light Attacks now always grant 1 stack, and the Heavy Attacks will now always grant 1 stack every tick.


  • Dawn’s Wrath
    • Backlash: Fixed an issue where this ability and morphs’ visual effects did not fade when the caster died, despite the effect ending.


  • Animal Companions
    • Swarm
      • Growing Swarm (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph would remove itself when the caster died, unlike the other two versions of the ability.
  • Green Balance
    • Living Vines: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs’ cast could return as Area of Effect abilities.


  • Bow
    • Long Shots:
      • This passive now increases your damage done by 2/5% against enemies within 15 meters of you and increases your Critical Chance by 657/1314 against enemies that are further than 15 meters from you, rather than increasing your damage done with Bow attacks by 6/12% based on how far away you are.
      • Renamed this passive to “Vinedusk Training” to accurately adjust its implications to its new functionality, with a flavorful lore twist.

Destruction Staff

  • Ancient Knowledge
    • Flame Staff: This passive now increases your damage done with Status Effects and Damage over Time effects by 6/12%, rather than increasing your single target damage by 5/10%.
    • Lightning Staff: This passive now increases your damage done with direct damage and channeled effects by 6/12%, rather than increasing your area of effect damage by 5/10%.
  • Penetrating Magic: This passive now causes your Destruction Staff attacks to ignore 1487/2974 Spell Resistance, rather than 5/10% of the target’s Spell Resistance.

Tri Focus

  • Flame Staff: This passive now applies a Damage over Time equal to power of a standard Damage over Time effect, over 10/20 seconds with a fully charged Heavy Attack, rather than increasing the damage done of your fully charged Heavy Attacks by 6/12%
  • Ice Staff: Increased the damage shield granted by this passive to 16.5/33% of your Max Health, up from 12.5/25%.
  • Lightning Staff: This passive now only triggers on fully charged Heavy Attacks, rather than any tick of a Heavy Attack.
    • Wall of Elements: Fixed an issue where the damage shield granted from Wall of Frost and its morphs could stack with other morphs’ damage shields. The exception to this is that Unstable Wall of Frost’s smaller shield when it denotates will stack with all versions, as it is a new functionality and considered a different shield. The rules will follow Obsidian Shield, where the latest applied Shield will always remove the previous version.
    • Weakness to Elements
      • Elemental Susceptibility (morph): Fixed an issue where the Concussed and Chilled status effects applied from this morph could be treated as Damage over Time in some cases, and could fail to interact with sets such as a Baron Zaudrus.
  • Dual Wield
    • Twin Blade and Blunt: Reduced the bonuses on this passive to ensure it is in line with other adjustments being made to weapon passives.
      • Maces will now grant 743/1487 Offensive Penetration per mace, down from 825/1650.
      • Swords will now grant 64/129 Weapon and Spell Damage per sword, down from 71/142.
      • Daggers will now grant 328/657 Critical Chance rating per dagger, down from 406/812.
  • Restoration Staff
    • Steadfast Ward: Fixed an issue where the damage shield granted from this ability and its morphs could stack with other morphs’ damage shields. The rules will follow Obsidian Shield, where the latest applied Shield will always remove the previous version.
  • Two Handed
    • Heavy Weapons: Reduced the bonuses on this passive to ensure it is in line with other adjustments being made to weapon passives.
      • Maces now grant 1487/2974 Offensive Penetration, down from 1650/3300.
      • Swords now grant 129/258 Weapon and Spell Damage, down from 142/284.
    • Follow Up: This passive now increases your damage done with all two handed attacks by 5/10% for 4 seconds after completing a fully charged Heavy Attack, rather than increasing the damage of your next direct damage by 10% after completing a fully charged Heavy Attack.


  • Psijic Order
    • Concentrated Barrier: Fixed an issue where this passive’s damage shield would not properly recharge over time.


  • Vampire
    • Mist Form: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs failed to properly animate their cast animations. This will result in a very slight delay in moving your character, as the abilities were intended to have.
  • Werewolf
    • Werewolf Transformation
      • Pack Leader (morph): The summoned Direwolves from this morph will no longer attempt to snare enemies.

Alliance War

  • Volendrung
    • Pariah’s Resolve:
      • Fixed an issue where this ability’s visual effects could stack.
      • Fixed an issue where the Major buffs granted from this ability could fail to apply in some cases.
      • Fixed an issue where the Major Endurance from this ability could affect targets outside of its range.
      • This ability now also grants Major Sorcery in addition to Brutality, for consistency.


  • Reinforced: Fixed an issue where the shield granted from this Champion node was not considered a proc.


  • Updated many item sets that generate Area of Effects to use more performant back-end setups; this shouldn’t affect any functionality.

Ability Altering Weapons

  • Merciless Charge: This set now increases your damage done with direct damage attacks by 9.3% of your Weapon or Spell Damage, up to a maximum of 560, rather than causing enemies to bleed over 10 seconds when they are damaged by Critical Charge.

Crafted Sets

  • Coldhardbour’s Favorite: Fixed an issue where the heal from this set did not have the normal healing target cap of 6.
  • Naga Shaman: Fixed an issue where this set could proc off other proc based shields.
  • New Moon Acolyte: Fixed an issue where this set did not increase the cost of Power Bash and its morphs.

Dungeon & Arena Sets

  • Azureblight Reaper:
    • This set’s damage explosion now can only happen once every half second, rather than having no cooldown.
    • Targets will no longer become immune to stacks for 2 seconds after reaching the full stack count.
    • Reduced the damage of the explosion by approximately 15%, but the damage now increases by 30% for each enemy hit, up to a maximum of 180% bonus damage.
  • Gossamer: Fixed an issue where this set could proc from other procs.
  • Fixed an issue where this set could build up stacks with non damage over time effects such as Flurry or Puncturing Strikes.
Overland Sets

  • Trinimac’s Valor: Fixed an issue where this set could proc off other proc based shields.

PvP Sourced Sets

  • Elf Bane: Fixed an issue where this set was increasing the duration of some siege weaponry effects.

Trial Sets

  • Healing Mage: Fixed an issue where this set could activate off some single target heals.
  • Lunar Bastion: Fixed an issue where this set’s damage shield could not be enhanced or reduced by effects other than its own ramping effect.
  • Pillager’s Profit: Fixed an issue where this set’s effects could target pets, despite them not having Ultimate.


  • Bastian’s potent potions now correctly grant the following combat buffs and resources:
    • Bastian’s Potent Health now correctly grants Health, Magicka, Major Intellect and Major Fortitude
    • Bastian’s Potent Magicka now correctly grants Magicka, Major Sorcery and Major Intellect
    • Bastian’s Potent Stamina now correctly grants Stamina, Major Brutality and Major Endurance


  • Reduced how often Mirri comments when you harvest materials.
  • Mirri now comments slightly more frequently when you cast an Ultimate.
  • Reduced the frequency of Mirri commenting when visiting the Wrothgar Museum.
  • Mirri is more likely to have something to say when doing the Morrowind Relic Daily quest and Fighter’s Guild Daily quest.
  • Mirri is more likely to comment when entering combat.
  • Mirri will no longer comment on killing livestock if you are in combat.
  • Ember is slightly more likely to comment about her joy of harvesting runestones.


  • Azandar al-Cybiades
    • Adversarial Adventures: Fixed an issue where unsummoning Azandar while scrying for fates would prevent you from progressing.
    • Paths Unwalked:
      • Polished the beginning sequences of the quest in Azandar’s Sanctum.
      • The description for the quest item “Arcanomystical Stencil” now more closely resembles the icon for the item.
    • Tempting Fates: Fixed an issue where dying in Azandar’s sanctum would cause your character resurrect at Errinorne Island.
    • The Fateweaver Key:
      • Polished the introductory sequence in Ciphers Midden.
      • Fixed an issue where Azandar would not reappear in the Underweave if he accidentally disappeared.
      • Fixed an issue where a quest guide pin would appear incorrectly on a door in the Underweave.
      • Fixed an issue where relogging in Martina’s Sanctum would put your character in a strange state.
      • Polished the confrontation sequence in Fathoms Drift.
  • Isobel Veloise
    • The Lost Symbol: Fixed an issue where grouped players could block one another when confronting Kiv.
  • Sharp-as-Night
    • Between a Rock and a Whetstone:
      • Polished the animation and timing of the sequence in Federo’s house.
      • Fixed an issue where a quest pin would not direct you to the proper location.
      • Fixed an issue where Sharp would not have dialogue even though you could interact with him.
      • Fixed an issue where Sharp could not be spoken with in Sadrith Mora to progress the quest.
      • Rotated the Clothier’s Sale Chest.
      • Fixed an issue where Sharp’s summoned tracker would not vanish properly after successfully tracking a quest objective.
      • Fixed an incorrect quest item you would receive when going to the Bridge at Arkngthunch-Sturdumz.
      • Fixed an issue where Sharp would get stuck in a quest-specific posture.
    • Dim and Distant Pasts:
      • Fixed an issue where you would not see a quest marker over the Tyranite Calx quest object in Broken Tusk mine.
      • Fixed an issue where Sharp was missing a quest marker at certain stages of the quest.
    • Light the Way to Freedom: Fixed an issue with quest navigation breaking in Elistrenne Starflower’s hideout.
    • The Double Edge: Fixed an issue where the quest pins would behave incorrectly in the Gorne smugglers tunnels.


  • Mirri now gives rapport when looting treasure chests.
  • Fixed an issue where some Companion rapport achievements were not triggering correctly. This affects the following achievements:
    • Brother-in-Arms
    • Treasured Comrade
    • A Friend to All
    • Ember’s Gang
    • A Knights Best Friend
    • Candies and Cutpurses
    • Darkest Before the Dawn
    • The Consummate Cohort
    • Mercenaries and Metamagic


  • Competition and Contracts: Fixed an issue where the map pin for throwing the lever to open the hidden passage was off center.
  • Shadows in the Swamp: Fixed an issue where you could see two versions of Brigadine Lieutenant Viria at the end of this quest if you were also on the step of Pyre of Ambition where you needed to recruit him as an optional step.



  • Deepening Shadows:
    • The interaction pin for slotting the second Animo Core is now more centered.
    • You should now be properly directed through the stairwell to find the second Animo Core, even if you are close enough to it to force the pin to draw over the object.
    • Slotting the Animo Core in the Imperfect the first time now has a proper pin in-game.
    • Fixed an issue with Clockwork City world boss The Imperfect, where Verminous Fabricant adds’ self-detonation ability did not have damage and the telegraph synced up with other effects.
  • Where Shadows Lie: Fixed an issue where the map wouldn’t show you quest pins when on the step to wake Sotha Sil.


  • Reworked all Dark Brotherhood guild quests so there is no longer a skill rank requirement. No more skill grinding needed to just do the story!


  • Fixed an issue where map icons for services in the Gold Coast Outlaw’s Refuge had vanished.


  • The description for the Deadlands Delver achievement now states “explorable caves”, making it more in-line with similar achievements.


  • Order of the New Moon: Ranza will no longer put his drunk cat-dude hands through the sideboard when he is drawing the “map.”
  • Uneasy Alliances: Fixed an issue where Za’ji may disappear, requiring you to leave the area and return, after speaking to Clan Mother Tadali.


  • The map for Tomb of the Serpents no longer displays upon approaching the exterior.


  • The Lunacy of Two Moons: Fixed an issue where the scene during this quest would hang on “Wait for <spoiler>” and cause the portal to not spawn.


  • Added an achievement if you find all the fragments for the Blessings of Stone antiquity.


  • The Dream of Kasorayn: Eldertide Hollow now has a proper error message when trying to go back inside through the rear entrance.
  • The Siege of Vastyr: Fixed a rare issue if you rushed ahead at maximum possible speed, you could potentially get failed back to the step to find Count Mornard after having already spoken to him.


  • Imperial City treasure chests now properly highlight/glow if you have the associated Keen Eye passive from Antiquities.
  • Fixed an Antiquity Dig Site in Bal Foyen that was underground.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Apocryphal Well furnishing Leads to be harder to acquire than intended.


  • You will no longer be dismounted and/or unable to mount near the entrance to the Frozen Coast delve.


  • Fixed an issue where the cart from Mournhold to High Isle was being double purposed with the Necrom one. There is now a donkey that will take you to High Isle.


  • An Experiment with Peace: Forcing the lock to the Dispensary now properly teleports you inside.
  • Cold Blood, Old Pain: There is now a proper gate on the conversation to ask Ember how to find Jhaka if you have her present in Marbruk, which checks whether you’re on the actual step where that is relevant.
  • Deadly Investigations: The upstairs of Mandrake Manor will no longer play havoc with your quest pins.
  • Race for Honor: Fixed an issue where Amunara’s Censer could reappear out in the wilderness toward the end of this quest.
  • The Large Delegate:
    • Eliminated situations in which Rigurt keeps putting his face in the middle of the conversation camera when you’re talking to people who are not Rigurt.
    • Fixed an issue where map pins for speaking to Ulgonash and Tanillin near the end of the quest were off in slaughterfish space.
    • Fixed an issue where you could speak to Rigurt when he was invisible outside of Tanillin’s room. It makes sense in context. Rigurt hasn’t learned to make himself invisible, thank Stendarr.
  • Tournament of the Heart: Fixed an issue where logging out and back in near where Aspirant Mortens is locked behind the door could make him appear on your side of it for a fraction of a second.


  • Tribute NPCs are now less susceptible to Patron victories.
  • Fixed an issue where you could occasionally be prevented from queuing for Tribute matches.
  • Adept, Expert and Grand Master ranked Tribute NPCs will now take their actions more quickly.
  • Fixed an issue with Tales of Tribute rewards not being properly granted when leveraging the Activity Finder.
  • Expert NPCs will now use all the cards available in the Almalexia deck.
  • Novice NPCs now play more appropriate to their level.


  • Fixed a rare occurrence where your character could fall below certain floors in sections of the Lambent Passage.


  • The Sublime Brazier: Added a new hint step to inform you to use the ballista, and changed the goal text of the step to defend the area since the explicit goal is “murderize them there Daedras in the facemeats” and you can do that however you like.


  • The Missing Prophecy: Fixed an issue where Rhea’s letter could briefly appear and disappear before she gets kidnapped.


  • Fixed an issue where your game could crash when choosing to remain silent when talking with Choixth.


  • Ruthless Competition: Fixed some odd door pin issues in the Daggerfall version of this quest while within Sunless Hollow.
  • The Cursed Skull:
    • Fixed an issue where you were directed back out of the ritual chamber on the steps to disrupt said ritual.
    • Taxatl now animates more appropriately for her state of mind.



  • Fixed various environmental issues including clipping assets, misaligned assets, floating assets, invisible collision issues, gaps in terrain where your character could get stuck, issues with lootable items and chests and more!
  • Polished various animations across multiple quest dialogues and sequences.

Sanity’s Edge Trial

  • Ansuul the Tormentor
    • In Normal difficulty, player characters will once again be stunned when venturing into the Ritual Maze before the effect has diminished.


  • Slightly more Lake fishing holes will now spawn at a time in the Telvanni Peninsula.
  • Psijic Portals in Galen, Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha will now properly reward Overland Set Items from their relevant zone.
  • Updated multiple issues with books in the zone not being in the proper collection, being unobtainable, or otherwise having visual issues.


  • Mind-Terror
    • Grasping Scream now only attempts to stun and grab the monster’s primary target, rather than all nearby enemies. If you block the initial projectile, it no longer staggers through block.
  • Shadow Mage
    • Shadeway now snares rather than stunning, in most encounters.
    • Shadowy Duplicate is now treated more like other Crowd Control abilities when determining how often it can be cast.

World Bosses

  • Corlys the Chainmaker
    • Fixed an issue where Coryls’ death animation would play very slowly if he was struck down while Negate Magic was active.
  • Valkynaz Dek
    • Dreamcarvers summoned by the World Boss Valkynaz Dek will no longer drop loot.
    • Fixed an issue where Valkynaz Dek could hurt their own summons and occasionally reset the fight.
    • Fixed multiple issues with the visual effects for Valkynaz Dek’s Damage Immune shield.


  • Fixed an issue where quest items would not correctly tally when progressing through several different daily quests.
  • Fixed a broken door to Necrom from Mournhold.
  • Updated ambient audio on various monsters, environments and other scenes across the zone.
  • Corrected various typos, updates to mismatched audio on dialogue lines, and clarified quest journals.

Main Quest

  • A Calamity of Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where Mezzamma the Lurker could not be targeted.
    • Fixed an issue where you could access parts of the Mythos before intended to.
  • A Hidden Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where searching the Ciphers Midden stacks in a group led to strange behavior with Meln the Mouthless.
    • Fixed an issue where certain corruption visual effects would not properly disperse in the Infinite Panopticon.
    • Fixed an issue where your quest progress could get stuck if you backtracked too far in the Infinite Panopticon.
    • Fixed an issue where a quest guide pin would appear in the incorrect spot on the final step of the quest.
    • Fixed an issue where relogging near the end of the quest would put you on a different quest step.
  • An Unhealthy Fate:
    • Polished the sequence during the final boss fight so Meln and the boss will not speak over one another.
    • Fixed an issue where there would be a visual pop when talking to Torvesard while skipping through the dialogue too quickly.
    • Fixed an issue where Leramil would vanish after helping disable the Eastern Manufactory.
    • Added “Joining Encounter In Progress” functionality to the Shelreni/Vaermina encounter.
    • Fixed an issue where dialogue subtitles would not appear for one of Meln’s lines.
  • Conclave of Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where Meln would not immediately appear when meeting him at Tel Rendys.
    • Updated the areas where you can use Meln’s Ghost Sight while exploring Tel Rendys.
    • Polished the Tel Huulen conclave and trial sequences.
    • Fixed an issue where Scruut would move out of frame in the middle of conversation.
    • Polished multiple parts of the glyphic sequence on the Iris Shore.
    • Fixed an issue where group mates could make other players’ followers recite lines.
    • Fixed an issue where Sharp as Night would vanish from the Necropolis if the quest was completed and he wasn’t summoned as a Companion.
    • Fixed an issue where Sharp’s conversation would loop on itself in the Necropolis.
    • Updated an incorrect quest map pin.
    • Gadayn will now look at you in the eye when talking to you for the quest.
    • Fixed an issue where the vial in Tel Huulen would remain interactable after you had already investigated it.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with the Black Book in the Shrine of Vaermina.
  • Fate’s Lost Dream: Your character will no longer get knocked back (and thus stuck inside assets) during the boss fight.
  • Fate’s Proxy:
    • Fixed an issue where Hermaeus Mora would very noticeably pop in the middle of certain animations.
    • You can no longer mount up inside the Necrom Bindery
  • Keeper of Fate:
    • Added an error message to a locked door in the Necropolis.
    • Fixed an issue where Port Agent Randas would appear at the incorrect time.
    • Fixed an issue where you could access areas of the Necropolis and Necrom Catacombs before intended.
    • Fixed an issue where dialogue lines would play out of context when relogging in Abott Ivel’s office at the end of the quest.
    • Updated the quest boss Plague-Gusher to include missing boss abilities.
    • All Plague-Gusher’s abilities now have proper public-facing names in the death recap.
  • Spirit of Fate: Fixed an issue where Leramil will walk out of frame in conversation.


  • A Memory of Mystery:
    • Fixed multiple issues with Protus not following correctly, following characters not on the quest, etc.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple versions of a story NPC could appear if you relogged during the quest.
    • Fixed an issue where Kemel Ze’s map icon wouldn’t properly appear on the compass.
  • A Thief to Catch a Thief:
    • Fixed an issue where you would be guided to an inaccessible door to the Sailenmora Outpost.
    • Fixed an issue with Rilasi’s behavior when returning to her after investigating portions of Sailenmora.
  • Dream of Apocrypha: Fixed an issue where your quest would not properly advance when collecting the Tear of Hyrma Mora.
  • Escape of the Sane: You can no longer mount in certain interior sections of the Feral Gallery.
  • Forgotten Glories: Fixed multiple issues where dying and reviving at wayshrines would put your character at incorrect locations throughout the quest.
  • Llaro’s Headache: Fixed an issue where key NPCs would disappear if you left Ald Isra before talking to them.
  • Lost in Thought:
    • Fixed an issue with Huzmargo not reappearing if he gets stuck.
    • Polished the querier quest item behavior to make it easier to use.
    • Updated quest navigation to make it clearer how to progress the quest in the Rectory Chorus.
    • Cipher Huzmargo will now react when your character is damaged by Gaze of the Eye.
  • Lovesick:
    • Fixed an issue where you could get steps out of sequence in Tel Dreloth caverns.
    • Addressed several map/navigation issues that could occur while in Tel Dreloth Caverns.
    • Fixed an issue where Dacia would awkwardly appear in the conversation camera.
  • Piteous Envoys:
    • Fixed an issue where meeting Hezekh at the start of the quest would not consistently progress the quest.
    • Fixed an issue where you would be guided to an inaccessible passage if you left the Obscure Forum in the middle of the quest.
  • Tracing Shadows: Conscripted Workers in the House Dres camp no longer have a meaningless interact prompt.
  • Under Malign Stars:
    • Fixed an issue where you would not be correctly guided through part of the Sidereal Cloisters.
    • Polished multiple sequences of the quest where NPCs lacked animations.

Public Dungeons & Delves

  • Apogee of the Tormenting Eye
    • Polished the sequence where Vre cleanses the Apogee Shrine.
    • Polished the visual effects of the Dremnaken Portals.
  • Fathoms Drift
    • Polished the sequence at the Unquenchable Brazier at the end of the quest Destiny’s Tide.
  • Gorne
    • Fixed multiple navigation issues during the quest “In a Troubled House.”
    • Polished the sequence involving Arcane Foci and Dreynis Confront.
  • The Disquiet Study
    • Updated the Rime Shard Aura buff to re-apply if you disconnect when playing the quest.

World Events

  • Reduced the health and damage output of Herald’s Seekers in the Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula zones.
  • Each Bastion Nymic daily quest now has its own unique name to help you differentiate between them.
  • Added additional guidance to direct you to Ordinator Tandessa for optional conversations.
  • Reduced the amount of Daedric Ichor you need to harvest to 4, down from 5.
  • Peryite diseases no longer fall off involuntarily in certain locations.
  • Fixed an issue where Kynmarcher Strix would not respawn properly if stuck.
  • Fixed an issue in the Irrefutable Herald fight that would sometimes cause your character to become desynced after dying.
  • Removed an errant poison gas cloud that was emitting under a door.


  • The “Portal to Necrom” map icon in the Chroma Incognito will now properly be set to discovered status when you approach it.


  • Old Orsinium: Slightly repositioned Nasruth when you enter Old Orsinium.
  • You can no longer enter Coldwind’s Den prematurely.


  • Draugr Dilemma:
    • Fixed an issue where, if you left the vault while tricking Narsis Dren, you would not be lead back inside.
    • Fixed an issue where there was no direction on the map for the step to unlock the Main Burial Chamber.
  • For King and Glory: Fixed an issue if you selected “Goodbye” in Forge-Mother Alga’s conversation at the meeting of chiefs, you could get blocked as Kurog storms in prematurely.
  • Graystone Quarry Depths: The back door to this location no longer lacks an error message telling you that it is sealed.
  • Sorrow’s Kiss: The spawn in of Kharstun, Stibbons, and Lady Laurent is no longer quite as obvious after you find the second stanza.


  • A Pearl of Great Price: The disappearance of Valsirenn and Iachesis is now better timed with their visual effects.
  • The Queen’s Decree:
    • A version of Aldarch Tilacar that was confusingly referred to as the Earl of Clavicus Vile overhead when the journal clearly identifies him by name has now been made consistent.
    • The cage door to free Minone no longer has its floating pin way above the actual door.
  • The Tower Sentinels: Fixed some quest pin issues when looking for Hannayel’s Quiet Room that were preventing the pedestals and Hannayel themselves from being properly pinned.


  • Reworked all Thieves Guild story and personal quests so there is no longer a skill rank requirement. No more skill grinding needed to just do the story!


  • March of Sacrifices
    • Fixed an issue where Hircine would occasionally slide into place or appear in the wrong location.
    • Balorg is once again immune to taunt during the hunt phase.


  • Fixed an issue where Cropsford’s flag guardians for one of its capture points were sunken into the stone up to their shins.
  • Lindai shadow zombies no longer speed walk through the fields, frolicking in search of brains to eat.
  • You will no longer be attacked by slaughterfish while harvesting materials in certain areas of Cyrodiil.
  • You can now teleport to owned homes from Cyrodiil Wayshrines.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Cyrodiil Item Sets would sometimes be available in Item Styles other than your Alliance Faction.


  • Fixed an issue where Random Battleground queuing was enabled for characters below level 50 during a Battleground weekend.
  • Added short tutorial pop ups when entering Battleground modes that link to their respective Help entries.
  • Fixed an issue where falling off a certain rampart in Mor Khazgur would not lead to your character’s death.
  • Fixed an issue where Battleground leaderboards would not calculate rank correctly and would show scores out of order.


  • You will now only see your “Kill Enemy Player” quest counter increment when you have contributed to a kill or dealt the killing blow.
  • The Conquest Board “Kill Players” quest is now group shared. To counterbalance the rapid progress of this quest during certain PvP engagements, the number of kills required has been increased from 40 to 150.
  • The Shadowed Path, Black Daggers, and Goblin bounty quests now point to a few likely locations you are to find them to apply justice directly to the chin.
  • The Gray Viper bounty quest now properly tracks all kinds of Gray Viper Cryomancers for progressing the goal.
  • Kill 150 Players: The bestowal and finisher text now consistently refers to the new required number in the Aldmeri version of this quest.
  • Lost and Alone:
    • Slightly increased the area pin radius on the condition to rescue villagers, to encompass all the places they can spawn.
    • Adjusted postures on some of the villagers you can rescue so they stand before the interaction camera opens.
  • Offerings to Zenithar: Components of this quest’s optional activities are now group shared.
  • Overdue Supplies: Relocated the Overdue Supplies in question so you don’t have to try to wall hop to get to it.
  • The Burned Estate: Progress for this quest is now properly shared with groupmates.
  • The Unseen: This quest now properly shares credit for closing the portals.


  • Fixed an issue where Lancer siege engines did not deal their respective damage types to keeps and siege engines.
  • Fixed an issue where siege Damage over Time could miss invisible targets in some cases. All siege damage, regardless of its type, will now actively remove invisibility as a rule breaker. There is no escape from siege.
  • Ballista: This siege type no longer has varying hit sizes between hitting siege and player characters, and now shares the same 8 meter radius between all target types.
    • Fire Ballista: Fixed an issue where the visuals from this siege damage could last longer than intended.
    • Lightning Ballista: Fixed an issue where the Damage over Time from this siege could stack indefinitely. It will now behave like other Damage over Time, where it can only stack between multiple sources.
  • Trebuchet
    • Icepot Trebuchet:
      • Fixed an issue where the snare visuals from this siege failed to appear.
      • Fixed an issue where the snare could stack in some cases.
    • Firepot Trebuchet: The damage to siege, from this siege, is now instantaneous rather than over a duration.
    • Meatbag Trebuchet:
      • The damage to siege, from this siege, is now instantaneous rather than over time.
      • Increased the Damage over Time to player characters by approximately 17%.
      • The debuff from this siege no longer affects Health Recovery.
      • Fixed an issue where the Healing Received debuff could affect targets outside of the area of impact.
    • Cold Harbor Trebuchet: The damage to siege, from this siege, is now instantaneous rather than over time.
  • Flaming Oil Pot: Fixed an issue where this siege could interact oddly with proc conditions, unlike other siege.
  • Catapult
    • Oil Catapult: Fixed an issue where the snare from this siege could stack in some cases.


  • Fixed numerous issues with clipping monsters, books, cats, resource nodes… all sorts of things!
  • Fixed yet more off-centered interaction cameras with NPCs and objects.
  • The visual effects when mounting up will now immediately stop when switching between previewing mounts and exiting the preview.
  • Fixed an issue where group mount passengers could be seen riding on the ground without a visible mount.


  • Sprint animations for your character will no longer be incorrectly played as a result of increasing movement speed to high levels.
  • Fixed an issue where the Alchemy writ turn-in boxes would not always animate when doing the highest level writs.
  • Fixed numerous animation blending issues, skeletal deformations, and postures which led to wildly convulsing NPCs or limbs clipping with one another during conversation animations.
  • Fixed an issue where you were prevented from moving for two seconds after using a Wayshrine while having a polymorph equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause odd animations when under the effects of movement speed bonuses or penalties.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation for the Legion Zero Recall was changed to an unrelated animation.


  • Fixed an issue where some music or sound effects could drop out when your character was near lots of other players.
  • Fixed an issue where some NPC dialogue or other sound effects were missing.


  • Fixed an issue in which New Moon Acolyte and Daring Corsair set crafting stations were being attuned as each other.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in Provisioning recipes not dropping as often as expected in many DLC zones.
  • A number of legendary-quality crafting writs will now properly advance to their hint steps to tell you where to go to turn the quest in.


  • Fixed an issue where passengers on multi-rider mounts could appear floating and stuck.


  • Hoarfrost, Takubar Trader and Pyroclast, Infernace Conservator assistants can now be summoned in Trials.


  • Updated the tooltips of several Event mementos, including the Skeletal Marionette, the Jester’s Festival Joke Popper, and the Festive Noise Maker.
  • Adjusted the way select Event items work so when combining them, they properly prioritize bound versions over unbound ones in the event that you have excess total pieces.
  • Fixed an issue where the Passion Dancer Garment costume was erroneously referred to as a skin in some tooltips.


  • Character bound items obtained from level up rewards that previously shared a name with non-character bound items now have “Bound” in their name, to differentiate them from each other.
    • For example, a character-bound version of a Crown Experience Scroll will now be listed as “Bound Crown Experience Scroll” in your inventory.
  • Updated various treasure map names to better reflect where they come from.
  • The acquisition hints for the Dreadsails and Ascendant Order Styles now indicate the correct source of the styles.
  • Reworked the ownership of objects near all the crafting writ turn-in boxes to prevent any accidental stealing while attempting to turn in your completed Writs. The guards’ racketeering comes to an end.
  • Added contextual sourcing for the following outfits:
    • Thane of Falkreath
    • Highland Gallant
    • Cumberland Cavalier


  • Adjusted achievements referring to “Launderer” to instead say “Larcenist”.
  • Fixed an issue where using Pirharri the Smugler while not in an Outlaw’s Refuge could increment the Outlaw’s Refuge fencing achievements.

Eidetic Memory

  • The rest of Falkfyr’s Notes are now visible and interactable at their original locations following the associated quest.
  • Moved the Letter to Ando to a nearby crate lid instead of the cot.
  • Pibiha’s Note is now available after the quest “Reformatory Rescue” is completed just inside the entrance of the Brandfire Reformatory.


  • Fixed an issue where digging up the mound for the Glenumbra Treasure Map II would not trigger the associated Endeavor, as well as increasing Sharp-as-Night’s rapport.
  • Fixed an issue where some zones did not have any daily or weekly endeavors.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Endeavors to not switch to the new day’s selections.


  • Fixed an where fishing with Sharp-as-Night could prevent you from reeling in normal fish in fishing holes that do not drop trophies.


  • Fixed an issue that caused irrelevant keybinds to appear when changing the pathing type of a pathed furnishing in a house.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze when attempting to purchase a House Guest or Assistant while previewing its placement in a house.


  • Increased the depth of the stage for Housing Preview items to better accommodate larger items. Those playing with more square aspect ratios may have seen the sky poking out from underneath larger items before this fix.
  • Fixed an issue where furniture items could behave erratically in the preview window if your character fell while the window was open.
  • Fixed an issue where in the Crown Store preview for the “Sand Drift, Oceanic” furnishing where the background flooring was not large enough.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Eight-Star Chandelier” furnishing where it was missing the “Light” furnishing behavior tag.
  • Fixed an issue where “Kelp Grouping, Thin” and “Kelp Grouping, Robust” furnishings were missing the “Animated” furnishing behavior tag.
  • Fixed an issue with the “High Isle Fountain, Wall” furnishing was missing the “Interactable” and “Animated” furnishing behavior tag.
  • Fixed an issue where in the Crown Store preview for the “Deadland Platform, Tower” and “Deadlands Base, Tower” where the background flooring was not large enough.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Breton Shelves, Double” furnishing was not snapping to the ground in the correct orientation.
  • Fixed an issue with the recipe name for “Druidic Throne, Y’ffre’s Bloom” where the name had misspelled “formula”.
  • Fixed an issue where a furniture item placed by the house owner would not correctly show up in a visitor’s furniture list.
  • Fixed an issue where a furniture item placed by the house owner would sometimes not correctly show up in a visitor’s furniture list.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Necrom Lamppost, Single” furnishing was miscategorized as a Lamp under Lighting. It is now correctly set as a Lightpost.


  • Bastion Sanguinaris
    • Fixed an issue where you could hear lava sound effects way up in the sky above the surface.
    • Added some missing sounds when entering the Bastion Upper Chamber fireplace door.
  • Colossal Aldmeri Grotto
    • Fixed an issue where water sound effects and ambience cuts could be heard way up in the sky above the surface.
    • Fixed some missing water sounds in some areas.
  • Doomchar Plateau
    • Fixed an issue where you could hear lava sound effects way up in the sky above the surface.
    • Adjusted some lava sound effects boundaries.
  • Kushalit Sanctuary
    • Fixed an issue where the interior map was erroneously displaying the movable statue of Sheogorath as a permanent fixture.
    • Fixed an issue where you could hear lava sound effects way up in the sky above the surface.
    • Adjusted some lava sound effects boundaries.
  • Golden Gryphon Garrett Inn Room
    • Fixed an issue where ownership of the Golden Gryphon Garrett Inn Room in Summerset would not unlock gold purchases for other inn rooms.
  • Seaveil Spire
    • The map for Betnikh now more accurately depicts the dock access for the Seaveil Spire home.
  • Tel Galen
    • Fixed an issue in Tel Galen where the house icon was displaying while inside the home.


  • Fixed a rare issue that could prevent certain Houseguests from saying certain lines of dialogue reflecting prior experiences with them.


  • Fixed a rare issue where the game could crash when you logged out while sprinting.
  • Updated multiple in-game mail senders to more accurately describe who the mail is coming from. For example, “Customer Appreciation” will now be displayed as “The Elder Scrolls Online Team”.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would slowly lift into position after closing out the pet preview window.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Daedric Sacrifices in Dragonstar Arena.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to audio.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to render certain areas or load into the same areas of Reaper’s March.
  • Fixed an issue if you changed your account name while offline, it would not be reflected in active groups when logging back in.
  • Fixed a rare issue where using Target Markers in some scenarios could cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash when attempting to leave an area that included a theater scene with sound effects that had not yet completed.

Activity Finder

  • Fixed an issue where premade groups queuing for a dungeon in the Activity Finder could sometimes have members desync from the group.


  • Bone Colossus: The Bone Saw ability now correctly staggers enemies that are further away in the damage radius.
  • Shade Colossus: The Stomp ability now correctly staggers enemies that are further away in the damage radius.


  • Fixed numerous typos in text, NPC dialogue, and player responses throughout the game.
  • Added default graveyards to certain Outlaws Refuges in case you somehow kick the bucket in there and need a place to resurrect.
  • Fixed an issue where completing certain newer quests, such as the Kill 20 Arcanists quests from Cyrodiil, could affect visibility and progression requirements on some older quests.
  • Reduced the number of Anchors required for Fighters Guild, Summerset Geyser and Dragon Hunt dailies from 3 to 1.


  • Fixed issue where defeating Auridon group boss Anarume would not grant the achievement for participants at some locations within the fighting area.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with a treasure chest between Thieves’ Oasis and Klathzgar.
  • Anything quest-related trying to lead you into Rubble Butte now properly does so.


  • Tormented Souls: Fixed an issue where Azlakha and/or Warcaller Targoth’s spirit could follow you into unlikely places.

Bleakrock Isle

  • Hozzin’s Folly: The mine door now gives you a proper error message if you cannot use it for whatever reason.


  • The Harvest Heart: Virgar, when following you, now puts up a defensive shield and hangs back rather than standing in your face while you brawl.
  • Wisdom of the Ages: Fixed some issues where map pins wouldn’t display inside Haj Uxith.


  • The Seeker’s Archive: Fixed an issue where leaving the base of Hermaeus Mora’s statue and coming back, or being outside of the room when the scene begins, could make the statue uninteractable for around 30 seconds each time you approached the statue’s base.
  • The Star-Gazers: The Star-Gazers’ cart horse is now properly tacked and harnessed instead of pulling the cart behind it with HORSE TELEKINESIS.


  • Cradlecrush: Fixed an issue where the North Gate would sometimes fail to teleport you to the other side if you stood very close to it.


  • A particular cart associated with a prologue quest now has a proper location name associated with it rather than “The Location Shown On Your Map.”
  • The Lost Patrol: Slightly repositioned the frozen corpse that bestows this quest to reduce floating feet. He’s frozen, but not THAT solid.


  • Moved an Alchemy node that was spawning inside a tree.
  • Enemies at the Gate: The spider cave now directs you through it properly.
  • Keeper of Bones: Fixed an issue where using Dringoth’s Rib on a monster could cause their unlootable corpse to be highlighted.
  • Root Sunder Ruins: Made some adjustments to Rootbiter so they will no longer spawn in the ceiling.


  • You can no longer interact with a random orc tent in Camp Gushnukbur.
  • Fixed an issue where the Zone Guide would direct you to Hazazi, who would not be present inside the gates of Marbruk if you had completed The Orrery of Elden Root.
  • A Storm Upon the Shore: Fixed an issue where the compass and map pins would relocate into weirdspace when you got too close to the beacon tower ladder.

Khenarthi’s Roost

  • Tears of the Two Moons: Fixed an issue where you would have duplicate map and compass pins on one of the steps where you confront Uldor.

Mages Guild

  • Simply Misplaced: Fixed an issue where the visual effects from Rashomta and Sahdina’s essences could somehow get stuck on your character.

Main Quest

  • Rimmen, Alinor and Vivec City will now spawn The Prophet when appropriate.
  • Council of the Five Companions: Fixed an issue where Sai Sahan didn’t have a pin over his head on a talk-to step.
  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Fixed an issue where Lyris would swing at air if you let her run ahead, pause to wait for you, then catch up to her.
  • The Tharn Speaks: Fixed an old issue where Tharn could tell you to meet him at a delve you’re already inside.

Malabal Tor

  • Payment in Kind: Fixed an issue where Shaman Yarnag might instantly respawn.
  • Sacred Prey, Profane Hunt: Fixed an issue where you could not interact with the fire pit to throw in the knife.


  • The Skin-Stealer’s Lair: Fixed an issue where you may not be properly directed back into the lair if you had to leave the instance prematurely.


  • The waterline is no longer cut off near the shores of Davon’s Watch.
  • An Unwanted Twin: Fixed an issue where the idol couldn’t be used on Tiril after an associated fix.
  • Evening the Odds: Fixed an issue where there were conflicting pins directing you inside and upon exiting Fort Virak Tower.
  • Kinsman’s Revenge: Greatly increased the quest pin radius for the cocoons on the first step.
  • Recovering the Guar: Expanded the quest pin radius on the steps to encompass that one little guar hanging out on the eastern edge of the area.
  • Shattering Mirror: The Idol can no longer be used on anyone except Ulov.
  • The Brothers of Strife: Expanded some areas of this objective so your “time displaced-ness” covered a slightly larger area.
  • The Curse of Heimlyn Keep: Expanded the quest pin radius on the map to encompass all of the potential sources of quest items.


  • Bonesnap Ruins: Fixed an issue where a certain section of hallway in the northern part of the dungeon would make your quest pins disappear.
  • General Godrun’s Orders: Falling boulders no longer take out companions, pets, or assistants.

The Rift

  • Drink, Drink, and Be Merry: Fixed some animation issues that caused your character to be stuck in bed after talking to Darva.
  • Kalodar’s Farewell: Fixed an issue where Helfhild would disappear at certain ranges if you already completed parts of Vernim Wood’s quests.
  • The Troubleshooter: Fixed an issue where this quest could not be acquired if you performed a certain action during the quest “Concealed Weapons.”


  • The movement tutorial now teaches you how to jump, just in case.
  • Gates of Adamant: Fixed an issue where you weren’t properly directed into the last chamber.


  • Fixed an issue where the UI would display the incorrect time remaining until the “Get Me Unstuck” button would be available again.
  • Updated many fish icons.
  • Fixed an incorrect alert message that would display when attempting to withdraw from a Guild Bank with a full inventory.
  • Added Arcanist-related icons to the Armory.
  • Fixed a rare UI error that could occur when clicking a keybind in a dialog.
  • Stack counts on radial menus, such as quick slot wheels, are now abbreviated once the quantity reaches 1000. Once the quantity surpasses 9000, the stack count will simply show as 9k+.
    • Note: This also applies to the quick slot button on the ability bar.
  • Fixed an issue where your name on a Trial or Challenge leaderboard would not update after changing your display name.
  • Edit boxes will now lose focus, and not gain focus, when the game client itself is not focused.
    • For example, if you launch ESO and switch to another program, the Username and Password fields will no longer indicate that typing will enter text into them. (No longer share your password with all your friends thinking you’re entering it in ESO!)
  • Fixed a UI error when interacting with social lists.
  • Fixed an issue where the audio for a group ready check starting would play every time a group member responded if you hadn’t yet.
  • Fixed an issue where the interaction prompt was incorrectly greyed out if you blocked right as you sheathed your weapon to gather a node.
  • Fixed an issue where the random mount options in the Collections UI would disappear if all the mounts in the category were favorited.
  • Fixed an issue where you could navigate through the advanced stats panel even though an attribute panel is shown.
  • Fixed issue where locked collectible icons were showing as white silhouettes instead of the intended greyed-out visual.
  • Vendor windows will now display an icon indicating items that cannot be sold.


  • Updated the name of the keybinds in the various crafting UIs to be clearer about what the keybind does, especially in Gamepad Mode.
    • For example, “Refine Selected” is now “Refine Multiple”.

Help & Tutorials

  • Added a new help entry to explain ability terminology between direct effects, over time effects, single target effects, and area of effects.
  • Updated almost all existing help entries on core combat mechanics such as Roll Dodge, Block, and Break Free to extrapolate on their behaviors and use cases, to better arm those who read them with vital knowledge.
  • Added a new help entry on describing Off-Balance and its many behaviors, and properly called out in other help definitions such as Interrupts and Block where Off-Balance can be applied, rather than just a description of what Off-Balance is.
  • Updated various tutorial/help entries to reference the daily reset language instead of the incorrect 20-hour reset language.
  • Various currency tutorials will now only be displayed when you gain that currency instead of when there is any change to that currency (gain or lose).


  • Fixed a rare UI error that could occur when adding/removing a furniture item to your inventory.
  • Furniture containers will now correctly be removed from your inventory after you empty them.

Target Markers

  • Target Markers on enemy summons and combat pets will no longer appear on the compass while in PvP areas.
  • Target Markers are now cleared for both players and their summons both at the beginning and end of a duel.
  • Fixed some issues with syncing Target Markers across zones when you form a group and when you are in a group.

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