Apex Legends Update 1.62 March 22 Flies Out, Causes Issues (Update)

Apex Legends Year in Review 2021

While Respawn Entertainment has released a patch for Apex Legends last week for various fixes, the studio has released the Apex Legends update 1.62 March 22 patch today. This is also for fixes, so don’t expect any new content.

Apex Legends Update 1.62 March 22 Patch Notes:

Update: Respawn has released the official patch notes:

Heads up, legends!

Respawn have pushed a client patch for Apex Legends today.

Patch Notes


  • Console players can now toggle the survival slot off. If turned off, survival items will only be accessible through the inventory screen and the button will trigger the weapon inspect feature by default. (Source)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Electric Blue Wattson skin (Source)

The studio has not relayed any gameplay-related changes, but here’s what Respawn has shared:

During our most recent @playapex collection event there was a bug with Wattson’s Electric Blue skin that caused her textures to go missing.

We’ve since shipped the fix and fully refunded anyone who bought the skin before the fix went live. Refunded players keep the fixed skin.

Unfortunately, it seems this issue has caused some issues amongst players too. Here are some from the community:

NO ACCESS TO ALC SETTINGS PS4 patch 3/22/2021 from apexlegends

Server issues after update? from apexlegends

Since the latest patch from today 3/22/2021, it‘s not possible to access ALC settings on PS4. On top of that all my settings got set back to default so now I can‘t play. Please let the developers see this. Much love and stay safe

Myself and several others have been experiencing high latency/rubber banding after the update, and this is very abnornal- especially for me, with a decent wired connection. This is on PS4, is anyone else having this issue?


There also seems to be gameplay-related changes as well”

I’m salty about this update. from apexlegends

They patched the heat shield badge down to 1000 damage after I spent hours grinding it out and finally got the badge.

I get that it was incredibly hard to do without gridning and I’m glad that other people can get the badge but I wish that people who got the 5000 heat shield damage would get something cool added to the badge instead of their hard work being for nothing.

Once Respawn releases the full patch notes, we’ll update the post.

Update: The full patch notes has been released and we’ve updated the post.

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