Apex Legends Update 1.64 April 7 Sneaks Out

Apex Legends July 22 Update

Heads up, legends! Respawn Entertainment has released the Apex Legends update 1.64 April 7 patch, and this doesn’t seem to be tied in to any event or seasonal update, so don’t expect any new content.

Apex Legends Update 1.64 April 7 Patch Notes:

For now, Respawn Entertainment has not revealed the official patch notes, though we expect that to change in a bit. That said, we do have news on this patch via the game’s official Trello board.

  • Increased reports of slo-mo servers with Season 8

That slo-mo thing has been moved to “Resolved Issues” per April 2.

In addition to that, Respawn has made the following announcement yesterday:

We’ve identified an issue with a database shard which we believe has been contributing to the recent progression issues for PlayStation players. We will be migrating players off this shard which may result in disconnects.

For players whose data was on the affected database shard, we will be restoring their progress to a backup from April 5 at ~18:00 UTC
Same as always, once Respawn releases the official notes, we’ll update the post. So make sure to check back on this a bit later.
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