Apex Legends Update 2.32 for August 30 Rolled Out (Update)

Apex Legends Update 2.32

Respawn Entertainment has released Apex Legends update 2.32 on all platforms, and this is another unannounced patch, which means it once again brings fixes rather than new content. Read on for what’s new in the Apex Legends August 30 patch notes.

Apex Legends Update 2.32 Patch Notes | Apex Legends August 30 Patch Notes:\

Update: Here are the official patch notes per Respawn:

☣️ Caustic’s Prestige skin now shows his face during the finisher
💀 Revenant can no longer damage his Forged Shadows with his own melee but will take damage from his own ordnance
🎲 Challenges can be rerolled in the lobby

Respawn hasn’t released the official patch notes just yet, but here are the known issues the dev team is working on via the official Apex Legends Trello board:


  • Playing at 165+ FPS may cause stuttering during some gameplay scenarios
  • Legends may rotate when exiting a Trident
  • Crashes referencing FS_CheckAsyncRequest when loading into a map
  • Revenant is occasionally not facing the direction he is shooting in


  • [Linux/Steam Deck] Players encountering getting kicked from servers and banned
  • Ranked timer shows incorrect end date (no splits)
  • Unable to see remaining players’ and teammates’ damage/stats while spectating
  • Unable to reroll challenges
  • [Valkyrie] Blade Barrage unequipping when returning to lobby
  • [Arsenal] Ranked badges are static, not animated

Same as always, once the studio provides the official changelog, we’ll update the article.

Update: Official patch notes have been added.

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