Arma 3 Gets A New Beta Trailer And Patch

Bohemia Interactive’s upcoming military-sim Arma 3 may only be in its beta stages, but that doesn’t mean the folks behind the popular shooter aren’t shy about showcasing what’s to come when it officially releases in Q3 of this year.

The latest trailer for Arma 3 showcases new scenarios, challenges, factions, vehicles and weapons that you can get your hands on during the beta. Check it out below:

[youtube id=”U5Qhmq_drXE” width=”618″ height=”378″]

Speaking of the beta, those participating can expect a new and rather lengthy update to be available right now which tweaks the following:

Arma 3 Beta Patch Notes


  • ACP-C2 now uses 9Rnd_45ACP_Mag magazine and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
  • Vermin SMG now uses 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01 and 30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01_tracer_green magazines and a new muzzle_snds_acp sound suppressor
  • Green faction has received its SDV with class I_SDV_01_F
  • Green faction has received its Supply create with class I_supplyCrate_F


  • Support for Steam friend invites / joins
  • Added: Wind synchronization in MP
  • Disabled loading screen when switching closing map
  • Switching weapon modes doesn’t require two key presses when the weapon info IGUI is hidden anymore
  • AI use Thermal Imagery to detect enemy when available
  • Removed warp when reloading in 3D optics
  • Improved thread synchronization of object drawing
  • Recognition of damaged part of body has been improved
  • Fix and slight optimization of detection of Simul Weather optimization
  • Fixed: Brightness of nearby objects in the first frame after map display is closed
  • Fixed: Items disappearing during inventory operations
  • Fixed: Unable to take weapons from non-local containers
  • Fixed: MP: Unable to throw grenades after taking vest from ground
  • Fixed: Magazine not being removed for other clients if a player loads it directly into their gun
  • Fixed: When player tries to place a vest or uniform into a backpack from the ground, target backpack will be copied and stored on the ground
  • Fixed: Headgear no longer displayed after leaving a multiplayer game
  • Fixed: Players could not access vehicles that cannot move
  • Fixed: Helicopters don’t wait with another burst of CounterMeasures
  • Fixed: Helicopter collective ascent / descent rates were not consistent among devices
  • Fixed: GET IN waypoint – AI went for wrong seats in the helicopters
  • Fixed: Icons and text outside of valid area in combo boxes, added ST_NO_RECT style support
  • Fixed: Text alignment support for map icons
  • Added: Scripting commands for tree interface control
  • Fixed: Command enableEnvironment to toggle off all ambient wildlife
  • Fixed: setAmmo command description
  • Fixed: AI turn limitation while aiming

For the full list of notes for the recent patch, which is set to take up 885 MB on your hard drive, feel free to check the official patch notes here.

You can enlist in the Arma 3 beta right here.

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