Borderlands 3 Update 1.920 Released This August 18 (Update)

Borderlands 3 Update 1.920

Gearbox Software has rolled out Borderlands 3 update 1.920 on all platforms, and this is a small download. Given this is an unannounced title update, don’t expect anything major from it. Read on for the Borderlands 3 update patch notes.

Borderlands 3 Update 1.920 Patch Notes:

Size: 30MB (PC)

Update: According to Sheriff Pirek, who is one of the main admins in the Borderlands Discord channel, this patch was for Steam Deck peformance.


Unfortunately, Gearbox has not revealed anything regarding today’s title update. However, given the size, and the recent patches released for the other Borderlands titles, we wouldn’t be surprised if this patch was to implement ads into the game.

Someone on Reddit said that this patch affected the Black Market Shop, though we can’t verify that.

We’re keeping an eye out for the community and Gearbox, and if we hear anything regarding the patch, we’ll update the post. If you spot any gameplay or technical changes, leave a comment below and let us know what you find. 

Hopefully, this patch wont bring in any game-breaking issues like the latest patches released for the older Borderlands games when they were patched last month.

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1 year ago

Oh well u I quit the up game cause I couldn’t even get it to run on my Xbox at all it would either dashboard me or stop completely it’s bs iam good w running the other bl titles because at they work for more then 5 minutes I can run them all day long for days never have a issue except for th high levels u do later in the game like the drop rates there bs but the games r pretty much flawless just drop rates are shit grinding yeah right dumb f a very common drop takes real life 3 weeks and u may get 2 legendaries on op5 less drops if you want to do other levels such as op4 or less

Reply to  bradly
1 year ago

must be an xbox issue. my ps4 and my pc run it absolutely fine, and my ps4 is dirty and old as hell. has nothing to do with the game especially since its been optimized and updated so much since release. get a better system be it pc or ps4

1 year ago

Like u guys would ever fix it let me get my bs meter out it will go off like iam hunting for gold and I found it

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