Bus Simulator Update 2.18 Out for Various Bug Fixes This June 7

Bus Simulator update 2.18
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Developer Stillalive Studios has released Bus Simulator 21 update 2.18 on all platforms today. It comes with various bug fixes, and also adds Chinese voice overs to the game. Performance improvements have also been made. You can check out the full Bus Simulator 21 June 7 patch notes below.

Bus Simulator 21 2.18 Patch Notes | Bus Simulator June 7 Patch Notes:


  • Chinese Voice Overs added (for Simplified Chinese)

Performance Improvements:

  • Overall performance improvements for various areas on both maps

Bug fixes and general game improvements

  • “Catch Em All” achievement has been fixed
  • Direction arrows on the streets of Seaside Valley are now visible again
  • Save games can be deleted again
  • Pedestrians do not jump from bridges anymore
  • Pedestrians do not sink into the streets anymore
  • Passenger delivery/pick up counter does not overcount anymore
  • Iveco Crossway LE is now showing the correct engine type
  • Mission 10 in Angel Shores which requires a balanced route does not complete with an unbalanced route anymore
  • In Sandbox Mode the Quest Log is hidden now
  • Female AI driver clipping elbow fixed
  • Corrected setting description for the language setting
  • Fixed controller can’t apply locked customization
  • Interact area of the locker in the depot has been improved
  • Added a one time per game session reminder of how to stand up from the passenger seat
  • Now, you can not sit on passenger seats in the initial tutorial mission anymore
  • Long bus names are scrolling in the POI details panel
  • Fix of a wrong button icon in the Modding Kit menu
  • Added a boat called “Liam Dawe” as a special thanks for testing the game on Steam Deck

That’s it for the patch notes. Bus Simulator 21 is out now for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. 

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