Dark Alliance Update 1.09 Released This March 15 for New DLC & Improvements

Dark Alliance Update 1.09

Tuque Games has released the Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance update 1.09 (PS5 version 1.009) and this is for the Echoes of Blood War (premium) expansion, which also includes a host of bug fixes, improvements and more! Read on for the full DLC details, as well as the Dark Alliance March 15 patch notes.

Dark Alliance Update 1.09 Patch Notes | Dark Alliance Update 1.009 Patch Notes | Dark Alliance Echoes of Blood War Patch Notes | Dark Alliance March 15 Patch Notes:

Release Notes – Dark Alliance V1.21.3891

The Echoes of the Blood War Expansion DLC is here! Introducing the Tiefling warlock Auralla, a new playable character ready to join your party, as well as two new dungeons to explore.

Echoes of the Blood War – NEW EXPANSION
The Dark Alliance expansion includes 1 new playable character and 2 new challenging dungeons with 6 levels total. Expand your Dark Alliance experience with Echoes of the Blood War:
• New playable character – Auralla, a Tiefling warlock that focuses on spellcasting and crowd control.
• New dungeon – The Abandoned Mines. Investigate strange cultist experiments on trolls deep in a duergar mine.
• New dungeon – Spawn of Yeenoghu. Travel to the Hinterlands and stop a faction of Gnolls from summoning their demon lord.

Updates & Fixes

• Fixed Cultist Acolytes occasionally standing still for extended periods of time in combat
• Gnolls will now approach a player character that has the grappled debuff
• Fixed Goblin Archers not going back to the center of their encounter when the player leaves the area
• Fixed Keepers of the Shard occasionally using the self-destruct hit-react from Corrupted Cultists

• Added missing combat barks and character/mission banter lines throughout the title
• Added missing Footstep SFX on PlayStation 4 throughout the title

• Increased Invincible buff duration after being revived
• Increased Kelvin’s boss health

• Fixed replies that were missing for French start of map banter when in a party with Wulfgar and Drizzt in The Goblin’s Shard Act 1
Matchmaking and Networking
• Fixed a rare issue in which players could not join multiplayer sessions on PlayStation 5
• Fixed kneeling Frost Giants which appeared as standing to some players in multiplayer
• Fixed player characters remaining stuck in a revive animation when the player and host get teleported during the revive process in multiplayer

Performance and Stability
• Fixed crashes while loading into Verbeeg Jamboree Act 1 on PlayStation 4 in multiplayer
• Fixed a crash after idling for 15 minutes on the equipment screen on all platforms
• Fixed a rare issue on PlayStation 4 in which Player 3 encountered a black screen with audio upon loading into the Verbeeg Jamboree Act 1 cinematic in multiplayer
• Fixed a rare crash occurring for all of the players in the boss encounter of The Crystal Wraiths Act 3
• Reduced the likelihood of rare out-of-memory crashes on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles
• Fixed an issue in which the title would occasionally become unresponsive after losing focus on the Game Window while loading back into Kelvin’s Cairn on PC

User Interface and User Experience
• Fixed a rare issue in which character progression would reset back to level 1
• Fixed a rare progression blocker after defeating the boss while an Ethereal Ally remains in The Order of the One Light Act 2
• Fixed a black screen blocking progression after performing certain actions and resting at a Short Rest simultaneously
• Fixed Revives by Short Rests failing to fully replenish health in multiplayer
• Updated the conditions menu to include more conditions
• Added missing subtitles throughout the Companions of Icewind Dale Act 1 intro cinematic on PlayStation 4
• Fixed Icewind’s name UI persisting on the HUD upon returning to Kelvin’s Cairn after the boss fight
• Fixed game menus shifting to the right by 3 and highlighting all the panels in between after using LB + RB in the game menu.
• Fixed the Challenge Rating selection UI becoming invisible but could still be interacted with after immediately returning to the Act selection screen after selecting an Act
• Fixed the “The Reward Chest is Empty” prompt rarely remaining on-screen when approached in
• a multiplayer session
• Fixed a spelling error present in the lore text for Catti-brie’s Barbarian Diplomat Leg Guards
• Fixed a spelling error present in the lore for Drizzt’s Dragonsbane Piwafwi
• Fixed a spelling error in the lore for Drizzt’s Necrotic Resistance Bracers
• Fixed a spelling error in the banter reply subtitles between two cultists in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
• Fixed a spelling error in the subtitles for Wulfgar’s State Objective banter in Zone A2 of The Fury of Icewind Act 1
• Fixed a spelling error in the subtitles for Wulfgar’s Start of Map banter in The Fury of Icewind Act 1
• Fixed missing text for Wulfgar’s Captive of the Abyss 3-piece set bonus
• Fixed duplicate lore entries for the Tundra Explorer Chestguard and Lightning Resistance Bracers
• Fixed the Teleporting message remaining on screen after the player character is revived while getting tethered to the party leader
• Fixed the Merchant/Map hints getting permanently stuck on screen when opening the character menu before they are triggered
• Fixed the inverted Tab section headers in the Combat Power details panel in the Character Sheet
• Fixed the UI scrolling indefinitely after selecting a character while holding a directional input in the Select Character screen
• Fixed the incorrect icon being displayed in the UI Buff Notification when the Warden of Mielikki’s 8-piece gear set bonus buff is applied to the player character
• Fixed in-game Trophies unlocked on other characters being visible in Kelvin’s Cairn
• Fixed the player character with the fewest number of Exhausted Executes after a successful mission being incorrectly highlighted in the Tally Screen
• Fixed enemies’ health bars being visible from another encounter
• Fixed the New Entry prompt remaining visible on the Journal menu even if all entries have been read
• Fixed the Point of Interest icon being visible in the top left corner of the Main Menu
• Fixed the lines linking the Feats briefly appearing on-screen after leaving the Feats menu
• Fixed multiple page markers being visible if buttons for switching pages were pressed simultaneously in the character menu
• Fixed Soul Siphon missing a red outline
• Fixed the Party leader UI marker persisting on previous party leaders when transferred within an Act
• Fixed the Credits scrolling at an inconsistent rate when viewed in an aspect ratio other than 16×9 in Windowed Mode
• Fixed character portraits remaining darkened on respawned heroes until they are revived
• Fixed ascendants combos rewards granting the incorrect amount of ultimate bar
• Fixed Objective markers remaining visible after the player character leaves an encounter
• Fixed the UI incorrectly informing players that they are in a public session after failing to connect to a session when all sessions are busy
• Fixed pressure plates in shrine puzzle remaining lit after the puzzle is solved in The Crystal Wraiths
• Fixed the player being unable to delete subsequent characters after deleting a character, until the player highlights another slot in the Select Character menu
• Fixed Combat stats not updating when an ally changes characters
• Fixed “Charmed resisted” not being displayed in the UI when an enemy resists the Charmed Condition
• Fixed the Short Rest icon’s on-screen position changing depending on the title’s screen resolution throughout the title
• Fixed some consumables having a red background in multiplayer
• Fixed the campfire tutorial remaining on-screen after being tethered to the Crystalline Dreams boss fight
• Fixed enemy markers being displayed in the UI between encounters
• Fixed quest item UI only displays to the Player who picked it up in multiplayer
• Fixed errors in the party management combat power UI in which Level-Up and added Ability Points were not included
• Fixed an incorrect a main menu/loading screen overlay when joining a multiplayer game
• Fixed the top of Catti-brie’s Helm still being visible upon viewing Moves and Feats menu
• Fixed walking within the vicinity of an ongoing combo which would trigger multiples instances of ultimate gain
• Fixed the Necrotic Damage trait not appearing on Elite enemies

General Bug Fixes

Abilities, Moves and Feats
• Fixed Dual Edge Strike not reducing cooldown timers when executed from Aether Slash
• Fixed Wulfgar’s Primal Instinct animation not playing if using the ability while blocking
• Fixed Bruenor’s taunt not functioning correctly when used while blocking
• Fixed Catti-brie’s animation not playing when using Healing Spirit while blocking
• Fixed Sphere of Darkness frequently being unable to hit enemies
• Fixed Drizzt being able to use their ultimate multiple times if used near an enemy with a Globe of Invulnerability
• Fixed the acid damage buff from Catti-brie’s Vertical Sting Down not adding acid damage to attacks while in multiplayer
• Fixed enemies regaining their full health from player character abilities
• Fixed Players not being able to skip cinematic if a new level is selected during 5 second countdown to start a mission
• Fixed the effect of Verbeeg Trap ability being delayed if the user is aiming when they walk through it
• Fixed the Frozen status being delayed if character is frozen while firing ranged attacks as Catti-brie
• Conditions no longer deal damage multiple times per second depending on the number of players in the session after enemies are afflicted in multiplayer
• Fixed conditions triggered by player attacks incrementing the counter when applied on enemies
• Charmed enemies now deal Friendly Fire damage
Death, Revive and Force Respawn
• Fixed player characters taking a long time to be responsive after being revived
• Fixed Players being able to continue reviving their teammates after their player character’s health points are down to 0
• Fixed allies being revived by only briefly holding down the revive button
• Fixed reviving a teammate not being interrupted when under a control-affecting state or when falling unconscious
• Fixed the camera moving through terrain when force respawning
Enemies and Bosses
• Fixed the Verbeeg Chef boss dealing damage at the start of attack animations
• Fixed player characters becoming stuck on invisible collision after defeating Verbeegs before they throw their harpoon
Gear Sets
• Fixed Dragonsbane Set Bonuses giving incorrect damage increases
• Fixed low-resolution textures on Catti-brie’s common and uncommon Cold Resistance helms
• Fixed Catti-brie’s Battlehammer Princess Bracers being stretched and misaligned
• Player characters can no longer walk in between spike traps
• Fixed the Lightning Runes Hazard active window persisting after the explosion effect occurred
Level Design and Art
• Fixed instances of excess, missing and invisible collision in The Goblin’s Shard Act 1, Crystalline Dreams Act 2, The Crystal Wraiths Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3, The Mask of Kelvin Act 2
• Fixed the player characters sometimes being stuck outside the boss barrier when using a portal while the other players trigger the boss encounter in The Crystal Wraiths Act 3.
• Fixed the player character sliding indefinitely when stationary after moving
• Fixed issues of misaligned ladder climbing animations throughout the title
• Fixed multiple locations in which Drizzt could be launched out of bounds after performing a dash attack or the Dark Portal move against certain objects
• Interact with a ladder while evading / dashing no longer causes the player character to play the animation in the wrong position
• Fixed animations for the Spirit of the Forest and the vines around its arms being out of sync in The Crystal Wraiths Act 3
• Fixed a rare issue of graphical corruption present on the ground in the first encounter of The Crystal Wraiths Act 1
• Fixed Roots not being destroyed when hit by Catti-brie’s ranged attack
• Added a missing switch for an elevated platform in the fourth encounter in Companions of Icewind Dale Act 2
• Fixed defeated enemies not respawning after a Total Party Down in the first encounter in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
• Fixed dark textures on a rock face in the fifth encounter of The Crystal Wraiths Act 1
• Fixed defeated enemies occasionally not respawning in the third area after a Total Party Down elsewhere in the Crystalline Dreams Act 2 mission
• Fixed player characters falling through the map if another player is in the same respawn location
• Fixed player characters respawning where they were located before a tether after falling into death plane
• Fixed Kessel’s headlights remaining after all a Total Party Down in The Order of the One Light Act 3
• Fixed paying full gold price when unlocking new Useables while the Persuasive feat is unlocked
• Fixed Wulfgar’s backwards evade animation popping after dodging to the sides
• Fixed a progression blocker in which the objective ‘Eliminate the cultists to stop their sacrifices ritual’ would sometimes not be able to be completed in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
• Improvements to the Trials of Tempus Tutorial:
o Wulfgar’s Cross-check heavy attack now counts as a heavy attack during the Trials of Tempus Tutorial
o Perform a 4-hit combo objective now counts all combos
o Performing a jump attack is now counted as a jump during the Trials of Tempus Tutorial
o Jumps performed in quick succession are now counted as jumps during the Trials of Tempus Tutorial
o Catti-brie’s backwards dash now counts toward the “Perform a Dash” objective in the Trials of Tempus Tutorial
o Fixed unlockable Fierce Attacks not counting in the Trials of Tempus Tutorial
• Fixed Cattie-brie’s ultimate attack arrows remaining stuck in midair after touching an enemy or an object
• Fixed the icicle VFX for Frost Giant attacks displaying incorrectly on Xbox One
• Fixed the Duergar Bomb damage and VFX sometimes being out of sync
• Fixed the secondary VFX explosion and damage area on the Frost Giant’s Grind Swipe attack being out of sync

Now that’s one hefty update! For more on the game, head on over to our Dark Alliance game hub.

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