Dreams Update 2.23 Beams Out for Minor Bug Fixes

Dreams Update 2.23 Patch Notes

Media Molecules has released the Dreams Update 2.23, which addresses minor bug fixes most likely on the backend of the game. 

Dreams Update 2.23 Patch Note

  • Minor Bug Fixes

Unfortunately this update doesn’t seem to be very detailed as Media Molecules has only cited minor bug fixes to be included in this update. Hopefully they release a more detailed log, but seeing that it’s what they display on their own website chances are these are for some backend bugs. If we hear anything from the community or more from Media Molecules we will be sure to update this post. In the meantime, here’s a list of of known features and bugs that the team is currently working on.

Features in Progress

  • New Community Jam playlist update
  • Playlist update – 
  • Players will now be able to switch the order of the DreamSurfing playlists to fit their preference.
  • New PlayStation Move Shortcut – When using the Move controllers and moving/stamping something, holding the shift button (i.e. the secondary Triangle button) will now allow you to rotate the held object by rotating your secondary hand.
  • Ancient Danger Kit

Known Issues Being Worked On

  • Blank thumbnails on creations/pre-load fails – Players have encountered an error when trying to load creations, where no thumbnail is shown for the creation and a message is received reading ‘Pre-loading has failed’.
  • Release issues for owned creations – Players have encountered issues when trying to release particular creations, despite having full permissions for those creations.
  • Activity Feed Issues – Users are encountering an issue when scrolling through notification feeds, where they are sent back to previous points in the feed.
  • Backwards compatibility issue from update 2.08 – Backwards Compatibility from Dreams update 2.08 issue affecting imp possession.
  • Content issue and remixing issue – We’re aware of concerns around content remixing, & content published in response to Imp Quests. We’re investigating the best ways to tackle this. These solutions require design and implementation so won’t happen overnight but they’re a priority on our fix list & being worked on!
  • Visibility on invisible Sculpts – Players are encountering an issue where invisible sculpts are viewable in edit mode and while taking a photo. 

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