EA NHL 22 Update 1.10 Slap Shot Out

NHL 22 Update 1.61

The early access release for EA NHL 22 has finally begun for X Factor buyers, and with it, EA has also released the first public update. Here’s the lowdown on what’s included in the EA NHL 22 update 1.10 patch.

EA NHL 22 Update 1.10 October 12 Patch Notes:

According to the official Twitter account for EA NHL, this update addresses the following issues.

  • Fixes desyncing issues that players were running into during HUT Rivals and HUT Rush games
  • Stability fixes across all modes

Not a whole lot here, but at least those playing can now do so without any desyncing (hopefully). Should any more fixes be uncovered, we will be sure to update this post.

EA NHL 22 is now available across all platforms for early access buyers via the X Factor edition. The full standard retail release will be on this Friday, October 15.

Source: EA NHL Twitter

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2 thoughts on “EA NHL 22 Update 1.10 Slap Shot Out

  1. I give EA sports props for the stuff they’ve done with the game but the fact remains that there are critical issues that make the game unplayable. They can’t or won’t fix them so I’ll keep playing the previous years edition for free.

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