Elite Dangerous Update 1.51 October 27 Brings Horizons Expansion for Free

Elite Dangerous Update 1.51 October 27

Frontier Developments has released the Elite Dangerous update 1.51 October 27 patch, and it brings the Horizon expansion to everyone (free!). According to the studio they are merging Elite Dangerous and its expansion together. Now, for those who bought the expansion, you’ll be getting something special as well.

Read on for the official announcement and patch notes.

Elite Dangerous Update 1.51 October 27 Patch Notes:

For those getting Horizons just now, here’s the official info straight from the studio:

Elite Dangerous: Horizons brings Planetary Landings to the Elite Dangerous galaxy, together with weapon crafting, ship-launched fighters, multicrew co-op and much more. Put wheels on the ground and explore the galaxy up-close. This second season of content is free for all owners of Elite Dangerous.

What does this mean for me?
If you already own the Elite Dangerous base game, or you purchased it from this date, you will now have access to all the features Horizons provides added to your game, for free. Meaning you will now be able to land on planets, explore their surfaces in your SCARAB SRV, craft rare and powerful weapons with the help of a wide variety of Engineers, expand your multiplayer experience with multicrew, plus much more!

What if I already own Horizons?
For all our Commanders who have already been enjoying the Horizons expansion, you will receive the exclusive Azura Paint Job which can be applied to all 41 craft (38 ships, 3 fighters) in-game, as a thank you for your support.




This should be a welcome treat for players everywhere. If ther are more gameplay-related changes included in this patch, we’ll update the post to reflect it,

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