■As a temporary measure to an issue with Pandæmonium: Anabaseios (Savage), the following general actions are disabled during battle.
Desynthesis / Aetherial Reduction / Retrieve Materia / Affix Materia / Repair / Dye / Cast Glamour

*For details on the issue, please see the following news.

*This issue is related to core processing, including action execution and battle related processes, and since it involves a exceedingly wide scope of investigation and correction, it is expected to take some time to address the issue. Therefore, we have implemented a temporary measure only for Pandæmonium: Anabaseios (Savage), which has just been released and has been greatly affected by this issue. We will officially announce the details and timing of the fixes as soon as they are finalized.

■The settings for the Data Center Travel/World Visit systems have been changed so that even during congestion when requests to transfer are not available, requests for returning to the Home World can still be submitted by selecting Return to Home World from the sub-menu on the Character Selection screen.

*This system, which had been prepared in anticipation of possible future needs, was verified and released last weekend on short notice, so to ensure the users can use the system comfortably, we will thoroughly monitor it to ensure that irregular cases will not affect the system in the future.

*If there is a high congestion immediately after end of maintenance, application for Data Center Travel/World Visit will still be unavailable even through Return to Home World. In that case, it will be available as soon as the congestion settles down, so please wait for a while before trying again.

■Temporary measure for the following issue has been implemented.
・An error message, “One or more items did not have the specified appearance.” will appear when switching to a gear set with different Glamour Plates associated with the same equipment.

*The issue will continue to persist if the gear has been set to cover multiple pieces on the Glamour Plates. For cases where the issue continues to occur, we are planning to address them in a later patch, so we ask for your patience as we work on resolving the issue.

■The following issues have been addressed:
・In the Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle and Anabaseios: The Tenth Circle (Savage) raid dungeons, the attack indicator for the enemy attack Entangling Web disappeared when executing the general action Jump.
・When the boss performed Eventide Triad during The Voidcast Dais (Extreme), attack targets were incorrect under certain conditions.
・Sound would not play under certain conditions. (Windows® version only)
・In the island sanctuary, leaving the Supply & Demand window open with multiple products listed caused the client to forcibly close when the clock passes midnight (Earth time).
・The client would freeze when selecting “View items for sale.” for a retainer placed on estate properties.
・In the crafting log, searching “diadochos” would search up several items all named “Diadochos Sword.” In addition, selecting Diadochos Sword, opening the subcommand menu, and selecting from the recipe tree would cause the client to freeze.
・The following status information would be displayed in Japanese in the Variant Dungeons.
Variant Cure Set / Variant Ultimatum Set / Variant Raise Set / Variant Spirit Dart Set / Variant Rampart Set