Kena Bridge of Spirits Update 1.10 Patch Notes for October 14

Kena Bridge of Spirits Update 1.10

Ember Lab has released the Kena Bridge of Spirits update 1.10 (1.010 on PS5) for October 14 and it’s a small one addressing crash fixes.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Update 1.10 Patch Note for October 6 | Kena Bridge of Spirits Update 1.010 Patch Note:

  • Crash Fixes

This is all what is currently known about this update per the PS4 log, though if Ember Lab releases a more detailed list of fixes, we will be sure to update this post.

If you haven’t bought the game yet, check out our review here, where we state, “If I sound like I am being overly harsh, I’m not. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a good game that could have been better had Ember Labs tightened up the combat controls and offered better reasons to explore the gorgeous world they created. I hope Kena is a big hit so Ember Labs can have another go at it, and hopefully get more ambitious and really nail down their combat.”

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