Latest Diablo 3 Hot Fix Increases Legendary Drop Rates From Rifts And Kadala

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The latest round of hot fixes for Diablo 3 will definitely make a lot of dungeon crawlers happy.

The update, now live, greatly increase the chances of finding bonus Legendary items from Rifts from 25% to 100% while increasing the chance of receiving a Legendary item from Kadala.

Check out the notes below:

April 9 Diablo 3 Hot Fix Notes


  • Kadala’s Legendary drop rate has been increased.
  • Unique Monsters now use the same loot table as Champions.
  • The bonus Legendary drop rate for Nephalem Rifts has been increased from 25% to 100%
  • The number of chests that spawn across Sanctuary has been reduced.
  • The Unique Ebenezer Samuel no longer spawns 100% of the time on higher difficulties.
  • The following change from the Patch Notes has been reverted:
    • In Campaign Mode, Manglemaw now only drops loot and gives XP before the player progresses to the Chancellor’s Tomb quest


  • Follower relics should now roll the appropriate stats for that follower.

In addition to this recent hot fix, a very lengthy patch for Diablo 3 also went live earlier this week that buffed both the Crusader and Witch Doctor classes. You can view the patch notes here.

Are you looking forward to trying out these latest changes to Diablo 3?


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