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Latest Destiny Update Temporarily Fixes Hunter Glitch, Brings New Improvements To Nightfall Loot News 11

News 11 Destiny‘s latest Hot Fix has been applied, introducing a temporary fix for the recent Hunter glitch that allowed Nightstalkers to fire unlimited Shadowshots. Unfortunately, it means the Quiver perk will ineffective for now, but that should be alleviated in the next proper patch. Guardians will also see better loot rewards upon completing Nightfall and Weekly […]

Destiny Hot Fix Makes New PvP Tweaks, Weapon Drop Fixes, & Tower Changes News 0

News 0 Bungie has deployed a new Hot Fix for Destiny today that introduces a small number of changes players may want to take note of. On the weapons front, drop rates for the Husk of the Pit have been fixed and increased. In PvP, a number of Crucible playlists have been tweaked with different map rotations […]

New Destiny Hot Fix Makes Tweaks To Raid Gear, Pocket Infinity, And Expansion Content News 24

News 24 Developer Bungie is rolling out a few new fixes to Destiny following the release of the game’s first expansion last week, The Dark Below. The quick update addresses some of the feedback gathered from fans after a week of hands-on time with the new content. Some tweaks have been made to raid gear, while a […]

New Destiny Hot Fix Preps Game For The Dark Below DLC, New Crucible Gameplay On DLC Maps News 1

News 1 Destiny players may notice a few changes to their game after developer Bungie deployed a small hot fix earlier today in preparation for the launch of The Dark Below expansion early tomorrow morning. According to a short news post on the studio’s official website, The Dark Below will officially launch at 1AM Pacific/4AM Eastern this […]

Latest Diablo 3 Hot Fix Increases Legendary Drop Rates From Rifts And Kadala News 1

News 1 The latest round of hot fixes for Diablo 3 will definitely make a lot of dungeon crawlers happy. The update, now live, greatly increase the chances of finding bonus Legendary items from Rifts from 25% to 100% while increasing the chance of receiving a Legendary item from Kadala. Check out the notes below: April 9 […]

Blizzard Celebrates Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls Success With Bonus XP Weekend, New Hotfix Notes News 7

News 7 With 2.7 million copies of Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls sold in a week, Blizzard is showing their gratitude with a special bonus XP event. As of yesterday until April 7 at 5am PDT, Diablo 3 players worldwide will get 50% bonus XP for all their actions, says the latest new posting on the official […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts November 22 Hot Fix Notes News 20

News 20 Another small but much appreciated hot fix has hit all versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts this evening. It looks into fixing a few exploits, bugs and stability issues. Check out the full notes below. Call of Duty Ghosts November 22 Hot Fix Fixed squad point exploit. Fixed trinity rocket issue which left player in […]

New Borderlands 2 Hotfix Available, More Fixes Currently In Testing News 5

News 5 It looks like Borderlands 2 fans can get ready to for another round of hotfixes to be available, starting today. A new hotfix is now available on all platforms. Check out the details below: July 9, 2013 Hot Fixes Tiny Tina Class alignment mods with “Good” in their name now properly increase reload speed. Sadly, that’s […]

Borderlands 2 – New Hot Fix Now Live, Pearlescent Weapons Special Effects Detailed News 12

News 12 A new Borderlands 2 hot fix rolled out yesterday for all platforms that addressed the following issue according to Gearbox’s community manager, Chris F. April 3rd Hot Fix Notes (Mr. Torgue DLC) Enemies above Level 50 should no longer appear during “Tier 3 Battle” missions while playing in Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode. Remember […]

Borderlands 2 – New Hot Fix Now Available News 7

News 7 As of yesterday, a new hot fix has been released for Borderlands 2 across all platforms. For details on what it addressed, simply scroll down or view here. March 12th 2013 Hotfix Notes The “Surprise!” challenge is now immediately visible and no longer hidden. Addressed some instances where Booster and Adaptive shield sound effects would […]

Borderlands 2 – New Hot Fix Now Live News 3

News 3 In what seems to weekly series of hot fixes, fans of Gearbox’s FPSRPG Borderlands 2 can expect this week to be no different. A new hot fix is now available across all platforms which fixes the following issues, according to Gearbox’s community manager ChrisF: February 19th 2012 Hot Fix Notes Mr. Torgue DLC: Fixed an issue […]

Borderlands 2 – February 12th Hot Fix Now Live, Gardenia Skins Now Available On Mac News 2

News 2 Gearbox has implemented a new hot fix for Borderlands 2 that’s set to fix a few issues and buff certain weapons. For full details on this new hot fix, feel free to scroll down below: February 12th Hot Fix Notes Mechromancer’s Prodigy class mod now correctly increases reload speed. Seraph Gear from Captain Scarlett and […]

Borderlands 2 – New Hot Fix Now Live, Notes Released News 2

News 2 Ahoy, vault hunters! As of this writing, the lovely folks over at Gearbox Software have just released a new hot fix for Borderlands 2 that fixes a few known issues. You can view the full hot fix notes by simply scrolling down: February 5th Hot Fix Notes: Commando’s Rifleman, Gunner and Shock Trooper class mods now correctly […]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.17, Hot Fix Now Live – Patch Notes News 19

News 19 Infinity Ward has released a title update for Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3 platform, and it should be available for everyone now. The patch weighs in at a modest size of 31MB. The patch is said to further improve searching for games and help analyse matchmaking so they can do more precise enhancements for those experiencing […]

Modern Warfare 3 Recent and Upcoming Updates, Terminal, Game Modes, and More News 40

News 40 Following up on the Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal “coming soon” report, and the Double XP event this weekend on both Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 along with the ongoing DLC sale, here’s a round up of the latest Modern Warfare 3 Terminal news, updates, and more. Terminal Information Redux Terminal’s release date is expected to be announced this week. […]

Modern Warfare 3 will get “Lots of Updates” – PS3, Stealth Bomber, and Spawns Issues will be Fixed News 7

News 7 Robert Bowling, also known as Four Zero Two, shed some light on what we can expect from the developers behind Modern Warfare 3 in terms of patches and hot fixes. Modern Warfare 3 received patch 1.03 recently, but as players have been experiencing other issues not addressed by the patch, Bowling clarifies that there are more updates to come. […]