Borderlands 2 – New Hot Fix Now Available

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As of yesterday, a new hot fix has been released for Borderlands 2 across all platforms.

For details on what it addressed, simply scroll down or view here.

March 12th 2013 Hotfix Notes

  • The “Surprise!” challenge is now immediately visible and no longer hidden.
  • Addressed some instances where Booster and Adaptive shield sound effects would not properly trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Evolution’ shield could incorrectly list a Recharge Delay of 0.00 seconds.
  • PC: Item of the Day can now be selected via mouse in Seraph and Torgue vending machines.

Since this is a hot fix and not an actual patch, you must be connected to the internet at all times to receive these and all previous fixes.

In addition, there have been numerous reports that as soon as this hotfix went live, vault hunters across all platforms have experience a great increase on orange rarity loot. However, as of this writing, it’s been fixed.