Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.17, Hot Fix Now Live – Patch Notes

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Infinity Ward has released a title update for Modern Warfare 3 on the PS3 platform, and it should be available for everyone now. The patch weighs in at a modest size of 31MB.

The patch is said to further improve searching for games and help analyse matchmaking so they can do more precise enhancements for those experiencing difficulties searching for lobbies, which we reported on recently.

It also fixes a bug for the upcoming free Modern Warfare 2 map, Terminal, which has recently been given a release date for Xbox 360, and is TBD for PS3/PC – you can read about that in our Terminal details article here.

Here are the official patch notes:

  • Added more telemetry for matchmaking and made some adjustments on region weighting
  • Fix for Terminal missing message incorrectly being displayed in Private Match

Xbox 360 and PC platforms are expected to get the same matchmaking improvements and more telemetry additions at a later  date. You can view upcoming updates and improvements – which include improvements to lag compensation and the spawning system – in our round-up article here.

Also, a hot fix for all platforms was implemented early this morning, fixing a small issue caused by a knock-on effect in a hot fix earlier on in the week closing up loopholes for potential “hacked” classes.

  • Fixed an issue (introduced inadvertently Tuesday as part of a hot-fix hacker prevention measure) where only the first attachment would register on a player’s secondary in-game when using Overkill Pro.
Update: According to Mark Rubin, more updates for matchmaking are going to be released. “We’re getting a lot of data from the telemetry we added. But need more,” Rubin explained when I asked him.

Thanks to Moriarty for all the tip and help!