Borderlands 2 – New Hot Fix Now Live, Notes Released

Ahoy, vault hunters! As of this writing, the lovely folks over at Gearbox Software have just released a new hot fix for Borderlands 2 that fixes a few known issues.

You can view the full hot fix notes by simply scrolling down:

February 5th Hot Fix Notes:

  • Commando’s Rifleman, Gunner and Shock Trooper class mods now correctly increase kill skill bonuses.
  • Increased Shock Spike shield damage by addressing issue where it was not being calculated properly.
  • Clients are now able to see explosions caused by Norfleets in multiplayer.
  • Thermitage (Sir Hammerlock DLC) is now friendlier and will no longer refuse to come play with some players.

In order to receive this hot fix, you must simply be connected to the internet at all times in order to be connected to the Shift servers. Since this is a hot fix, the fixes included are not permanent and only will be applied when you are connected to the internet.

Don’t forget to check out the previous hot fix notes here, which also secretly increased the spawn rate of the varkid raid boss, Vermivorous the Invincible in the Caustic Caverns. It also increased the chance of it dropping a legendary item upon it being slain.

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