Modern Warfare 3 will get “Lots of Updates” – PS3, Stealth Bomber, and Spawns Issues will be Fixed

Robert Bowling, also known as Four Zero Two, shed some light on what we can expect from the developers behind Modern Warfare 3 in terms of patches and hot fixes.

Modern Warfare 3 received patch 1.03 recently, but as players have been experiencing other issues not addressed by the patch, Bowling clarifies that there are more updates to come. When asked by Hutch on whether the spawn system is being addressed, Robert assured that spawns are being worked on, and he went on to explain that there are “lots of updates in [the] works and daily hot fixes happening. [We] will continue to address and update.” Apparently, the map “Outpost”, which received a hot fix yesterday, is still exposed to glitching. One fan complained to Robert that he was killed by a cheater underneath the map, Bowling clarified “hot fix already in the works, please report that player so that we can stop him from playing”. Click here to learn more about the banning process. Another major exploit that’s becoming more popular is the unlimited Stealth Bomber glitch, which Robert addressed by promising that it will be ironed out through a hot fix that will go live soon, and of course anyone abusing the glitch will be banned. As we recently reported, PS3 players are experiencing more issues than the other systems, Robert reassured that Infinity Ward is indeed “working on [PS3 framerate issues, lag,..etc]. Daily meetings are [being held to] investigate cause and solutions. We will get [the problems] resolved for you.”

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