MLB The Show 21 Update 1.07 May 14 Slides Out (Xbox

MLB The Show 21 Update 1.015

Well, it seems SIE San Diego has been quite busy this week, as the MLB The Show 21 update 1.07 May 14 patch is live now, which makes this the third patch released this week! Same as before, head on for the fixes/changes below. For Xbox gamers, this will show up as update!

MLB The Show 21 Update 1.07 May 14 Patch Notes:

This is a small update that fixes a bug that would cause classic stands in created stadiums to disappear, leaving the fans floating in midair.

After the update is live, please resave your stadium to correct the issue. Thank you.

For those curious, here are the changes from yesterday’s patch:

Game Update 6 & server restart @ 4 AM PT on 5/13/21 please complete all games prior to that time.
This is a small update that fixes a few issues causing missing skin textures, clipping helmets, and a crash in Road to the Show.

The bigger title update that went out earlier this week has a lot more fixes and changes, which you can read about here.

Source: MLB The Show

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