MLB The Show 21 Update 1.12 Bats Out for Game Update #12 (July 15)

MLB The Show 21 Update 1.21

SIE San Diego has released the MLB The Show 21 update 1.12 July 15 patch, or also seen as update 1.012 on PS5, and for the Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S version of the game. The studio has also tagged this as Game Update #12, so don’t be confused with the version numbers.

MLB The Show 21 Update 1.12 Patch Notes | MLB The Show July 15 Update Patch Notes:


  • Players can once again back out of the bullpen screen following a second mound visit

There are no hitting or gameplay balance changes in this update.


  • Adjustments made to Edinson Volquez pitching motion

That’s about it for this patch.

If you haven’t picked the game up yet, go read our review here, where we state, “MLB The Show 21 shines with its amazing gameplay, realistic graphics that look breathtaking on the PlayStation 5, and will satisfy any baseball fan’s appetite. As John Fogerty stated perfectly in his song “Centerfield”, put me in coach, I’m ready to play today.”

Source: The Show

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