Modern Warfare Update 1.11 Sneaks Out (Update)

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While Infinity Ward just released a big 15GB Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch yesterday, the studio has released Modern Warfare update 1.11 just now, and it’s live on all platforms. Clocking in at 2.3GB on PS4, 1.6GB on Xbox ONe, and 2.5GB on PC, this is an unannounced patch on all platforms, which means this is most likely for fixes than anything else.

Modern Warfare update 1.11 changes:

Aside from the stability update, multiple people on Reddit have reported that Infected can be played in private games! Sure, it’s against bots, but it’s something new.

An update has gone out across all platforms to help improve stability in Ground War. #ModernWarfare

Here’s what Infinity Ward Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams shared:

The update that’s going out now helps improve stability in Ground War matches across all platforms.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know so far. We’ll update the post if we find anything noteworth included in Modern Warfare update 1.11. If you notice anything not mention or new, let us know what they are in the comments below.

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