Modern Warfare Overhaul Was “Fake” According to Dev, Says He’s Gotten Death Threats From Community

modern warfare overhaul

Back in the first week of November, a rumor from a reliable source surfaced stating that a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare overhaul was incoming, and how the mini map would once again include red dots like in previous franchise entries, much to the dismay of a lot of Call of Duty veterans (including this guy), the Modern Warfare overhaul — or anything close to it — didn’t happen.

Over on Twitter, Co-Design Director Joe Cecot replied to a fan asking where the overhaul was, and said that it was a “fake statement” to get attention.

While Infinity Ward didn’t roll out an overhaul patch for Modern Warfare, Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams got the ball rolling when she tweeted how a “big” update that fans were “asking about” was set to be released, which when it did (patch 1.09), didn’t really change anything big. Once update 1.09 dropped, and it didn’t provide an overhaul, things got very messy on the Modern Warfare subreddit. Members of the community kept posting threads asking about the overhaul, and it seems even the devs themselves didn’t get spared, and have appeared to be less active in answering the community’s concerns.

In one particular thread, Cecot mentioned how things can be “rough” in the Modern Warfare subreddit, and how he even got PMs (private messages) on how his children should die “horrible deaths.” He also mentioned how he’s spending less time in the subreddit as well.

While it’s understandable that players are passionate about a game, it’s never OK to send death threats or personal attacks to anyone (developers, other players, etc.) over something as trivial as a video game. Let’s hope this sort of harassment doesn’t continue. I mean, worst case scenario, and you hate the game, maybe just stop playing it? Sending death threats or personal attacks are never OK in any context.

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