Modern Warfare: COD Pro Claims Infinity Ward Lied About Working Closely With Pros Regarding Dead Silence, CTF Mode Leaked

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Just a few days ago, we reported on how a YouTuber asked Infinity Ward about certain Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hot topics within the community. One of these said topics is how the Dead Silence Field Upgrade is being tweaked, with Infinity stating they they’re working with pro gamers in order to balance it.

Well, one COD pro has gone on record to say that Infinity Ward hasn’t been working with pros and that he says it’s an “absolute lie.” This was mentioned by Los Angeles Guerrillas captain Patrick “Aches” Price, who says that while Infinity Ward will “probably” fix it (footsteps), they (Infinity Ward) have not/are not currently working closely with any pro player.

Just so you know, that quote regarding Dead Silence and working closely with pros is an absolute lie. Unbelievable. They probably will fix it (because they legit have to it‘ makes the game nearly unplayable) but they have not / aren’t currently working “closely” with any pro LMAO

Important to note that Infinity Ward might be working with other pros regarding this, but given Price’s declarative statement (and he’s not exactly a small fish, either), we can’t say for sure. That said, someone tagged Modern Warfare Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot in the Twitter convo, and he didn’t jump in to say this — or anything else — too.

In more positive Modern Warfare news, the game’s Records has seemingly confirmed — and leaked — the existence of a Modern Warfare Capture the Flag (CTF) mode! This can be spotted now via the Records part of the Barracks, but the mode itself isn’t live yet. Most likely, it’ll be part of the stuff rolled out as part of Season 1. Check out an image of it below (via Reddit user tomereko02):

What do you make of Aches’ statement about Infinity Ward and working closely with pros? Or you’re not surprised? Let us know in the comments.

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