Modern Warfare Mini Map Update Not Happening, Devs Talk About Spawns, Perks & More

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In case you didn’t see it, Infinity Ward revealed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1 content yesterday. As is with these things, Infinity Ward flew in YouTubers and other content creators to get an advance look at the content. Thankfully, YouTuber Swagg also brought in a set of questions regarding the rumored Modern Warfare mini map update, skill based matchmaking (SBMM), and lots more.

Speaking to Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot, Swagg asked some of most important questions by the community. You can watch the video below for the entire thing, or read our transcript below.

Doing Work Challenge – Infinity Ward is considering giving everyone the Challenge reward as a gift since they can’t do anything about it.

Aniyah Palace – Infinity Ward wants to implement it as a Ground War map,  and they eventually will, but focusing on Season 1 content for now.

Dead Silence (Field Upgrade) – For pubs (public matches) they will lower the footsteps volume, and Infinity Ward is working with pro players in order to balance it. They (IW) is doing a lot of testing and such regarding Dead Silence.

Perk Balancing – Swagg says Cecot admitted they might have made a mistake in the Perks slots, they put too many good perks in one slot. Said they’re going to try figure out a way to balance the perks, but they need to “scrub” all of the data first.

Nerfing the tanks in Ground War – Infinity Ward is figuring out a way to make the bullets on the tanks “projectile”-based, and the studio has nerfed the splash damage quite a bit. Next nerf is making it so that the tank bullets/cannon aren’t a “straight shot,” so players in tanks can’t just it on a hill and shoot at players.

10v10 spawns – Infinity Ward is working on a way to balance it. Citing Euphrates Bridge, IW says that the map is “so open” that they don’t want players spawning “right outside” in front of everyone, and they’re looking for a way to balance that.  IW says they also need to fix the spawns in Grazna Raid as well.

Map voting/lobbies (staying in the same lobbies after matches) – IW said that they did it wrong, their intention was lobbies don’t always just break up, and players can choose to stay in the same lobby for a couple of games. IW admits they “kinda messed up” on this (lobbies breaking after each match), and their intention isn’t what it is right now.

Swagg and other YTers suggested to make maps/lobbies like Modern Warfare 2. Infinity Ward claims they have data stating that if players don’t get the map that they want via voting, they just back out, and they don’t want people backing out of every lobby because they didn’t get the map that they want. Swagg and the rest suggested the MW approach of “voting  to skip,” which he says Cecot liked, though there’s no assurance they will implement it.

Mini map and red dots – Swagg says it was “a short conversation,” since this was how Infinity Ward intended it to be, and there’s nothing else to say about that. There was no argument about it, basically Cecot states that’s how the game was “designed,” so players don’t “get “hunted.” Also, he wanted the UAV to be “more of a reward.”

Ghost perk – Swagg counterargued  with the “UAV as a reward” commment and asked that if the Ghost perk was as strong as it is, how can they balance that if everyone runs Ghost, how can the UAV be a “reward?” And Swagg says that Cecot agreed with that, and kinda understood where the YouTubers were coming from in a sense, and said that in Infinity Ward games, Ghost was always an “absolute,” and it always hid players from radar. Cecot said they’ll definitely consider it , but that they wanted the UAV to feel more like a reward in a sense, and they can’t really do anything about it.

Damascus camo – Swagg asked about it being bugged and can’t be unlocked, IW says they’re working on a fix, and that there’s a “weird bug” about the Damascus camo and that they’re working on a fix.

Skill based matchmaking (SBMM) – Cecot at first said he  couldn’t talk about it since it’s  a “hot topic,” and Swagg asked if the matchmaking in Modern Warfare is the same as in Infinite Warfare, to which Cecot replied that the Modern Warfare matchmaking is different, and how it’s different in every Call of Duty. Cecot said he’s not supposed to talk about it, but he kinda danced around it, and how connection is  a big priority, and that if there was ever a problem with the ping to let him know, and they’ll fix it. Swagg shares that it was “kinda the same energy” when he said in the interview (read about that here) about “protecting” the new players.

Swag asked if Infinity Ward can somehow “tone it down a little bit” in regards to Modern Warfare SBMM, and Cecot said they’re constantly tweaking it, and how it affects the player base.

Well, there you have it, folks, Dont’ expect a Modern Warfarte mini map update anytime soon (or at all).

Are you OK with Cecot’s answers, or are you still hoping Infinity Ward pedals back on some of their decisions? Let us know in the comments below.