Infinity Ward Wanted Modern Warfare to Be Slower for Newbies, Uses “Endless Places to Hide” as Selling Point for a Map

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If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer since it launched (or just a few matches), chances are you’ve noticed how the shooter now has a more “passive” playstyle compared to past iterations of the franchise; something we’ve reported about before.

While how you play a game is entirely up to you, the shooter does penalize movement and ADS speed most of the time. Well, it seems this is intentional on Infinity Ward’s part, and this was made to help the new players not get stomped on by the franchise veterans. Want proof? We got it. YouTuber Birdman posted a video of Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot stating this in an interview, which you can watch below.

Here’s a transcript of what Cecot said in the video in case you want to digest it faster.

We want to get new players into the game and we don’t want them to get punched in the mouth until they leave … It’s a big focus for us in weapon design, it’s a big focus for us in level design. Our weapons are a bit more lethal than they were in Black Ops, and that helps the lower skilled player get a kill when they otherwise wouldn’t … our maps are a little more porous and we want that player to have a safe place to take their time … 

If that wasn’t enough, it seems the Modern Warfare main menu on PS4 now puts the spotlight on sniper-heavy map Euphrates Bridge, and even goes as far as to mention how it has “endless places to hide” as a selling point f or a map!

This “endless spaces to hide” thing didn’t escape the eyes of former Infinity Ward Producer Robert Bowling (otherwise known as FourZeroTwo).

Well, there you have it, then. For those wondering whether Infinity Ward will change the game design to make the pace a bit faster, there has been a rumor that a “big overhaul” is coming, though Infinity Ward themselves have not commented on any changes about the overall campiness of Modern Warfare.

For those who are playing Modern Warfare, what do you think of the game’s pace? A breath of fresh air, or do you want a more run ‘n’ gun playstyle? Do you agree with Infinity Ward’s design decision to make the game more newbie-friendly? Let us know your thoughts below.

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