Modern Warfare Has a Camping Problem Pointed Out by the Community, Infinity Ward Keeps Silent About It

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If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer, and you’ve played previous COD games before (which is likely), then chances are, you’ve found the game’s pace to be on the slow side. What’s more, you most likely experienced the Modern Warfare camping problem too.

While it’s a given that players camp in almost every shooter, it’s exacerbated in Modern Warfare given how loud footsteps are, how strong claymores are, and so on. This Modern Warfare camping problem thing hasn’t escaped the eye of the community, understandably.

People have been making memes out of Modern Warfare’s current gameplay design decision, and some of it are on the funny side.

TACTICAL by Eight Thoughts from modernwarfare

Me trying to run and gun in multiplayer from modernwarfare

This game is TRASH from modernwarfare

If that wasn’t enough, even some of the Call of Duty YouTubers have published videos lamenting the same stuff. Here’s some from Xclusive Ace, MarkOfJ, and Chaos.

Will this change? Hopefully, it does. But the thing here is, Infinity Ward has kept silent on this Modern Warfare camping complaints. We have no confirmation whether they will change the game’s pace, or if they have any plans at all to do so. If they don’t have any plans, maybe just tell the community about it so they can move on? In any case, people on the Modern Warfare subreddit have upvoted a post asking Infinity Ward whether they can be as communicative as they were back when the game hasn’t launched yet.

Isn’t it funny how things change from modernwarfare

Are you concerned about this Modern Warfare camping problem or is it just a case of people not adapting? Let us now what you think of it below.

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