Infinity Ward Working on Upcoming Modern Warfare Patch Fans “Keep Asking About,” Patch Notes Over 2 Pages Long

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While we just got a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare server-side hotfix yesterday, Infinity Ward has already mentioned that the next Modern Warfare update is coming this week, too, and this one will require a download. Well, it seems this upcoming Modern Warfare patch might be bigger than anticipated, or if not, a big patch is dropping soon!

Over on Twitter, Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams mentioned how a “big update” is being worked on for the game, and this one is something fans “keep asking about.”

It’s unknown now whether Williams is referring to the patch dropping this week as the same one she’s referring to in her tweet. It’s also unknown what she meant by her “you all keep asking about” comment. Does this mean the game’s pacing will be faster? Footstep sounds are properly muffled when not running? Or maybe it’s how lighting has been improved to make enemies easier to see? Your guess is as good as mine. Mind, this could be the “big overhaul” rumor that we reported on last month, which also mentions the mini map showing red dots again when firing unsuppressed weapons.

Having said that, Modern Warfare is a patch or two away from being a great (not good) multiplayer experience, let’s hope this is the patch that tips it over.

What are you hoping to see in this “big update?” Let us know your thoughts down below.

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