Modern Warfare Visibility Issues Are Affecting Gameplay and Here’s How

modern warfare invisible glitch

For those playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer, have you ever had problems spotting enemies even if they were relatively close by or in front of you? If so, you’re not alone. The community at large has voiced out on the Modern Warfare visibility issues, and have even recorded gameplay footage to show how bad it has become.

Reddit user ThatCEnerd posted the video below, which currently has over 5,700 upvotes, showcasing how an enemy in front of the player can’t be seen (not even joking) due to dust, lighting and whatever factors are in play. Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself.

Can you see this enemy’s character model? Bad lighting has never been a problem of this magnitude in any of the past 15 CoD games. from modernwarfare

Another Reddit member by the name of TheDukeh posted yet another example of this one, which is kinda worse given the enemy is close by, but yet, can’t be seen until it’s too late. And for those wondering, yes, it’s in Azhir Caves, which from my experience, had this same issue even in the beta.

Sometimes its literally impossible to see your enemy. This needs to be fixed asap. from modernwarfare

If you think having the video paused helps, well, see if it does in the images below as shared by VideoGangsta.

Every window is pitch black. Every room you look into from the outside is pitch black. There is visual clutter everywhere. Look at this picture I took. This was about 0.1 seconds before the guy in the top left window – who you probably can’t even see – killed me

I have taken countless other pics over the past few weeks showing similar stuff. Look at this pic

The “realistic sun lighting” makes it impossible to see anything. Please don’t start rambling about my brightness. I have my TV calibrated perfectly, and I’m far from the only person mentioning this issue.

It’s a game, Infinity Ward. I should be able to fucking see.

Lastly, Reddit user JDsharp93 posted a quick gameplay of him being mowed down by an enemy that you can’t even see on the screen on the map, Shoot House. Check the pic below, and then click on the video link to see how it looks in actual, raw gameplay.

Find the enemy from modernwarfare

Will Infinity Ward fix the lighting or whatever it is needed to make enemies a wee bit easier to spot? Given how the devs have been silent about this so far, your guess is as good as mine. As someone who’s been the receiving end of this numerous times, I hope they do.

Have you had Modern Warfare visibility issues or is this just a case of the brightness needing to be turned up or something?

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