Outriders Update 1.11 Patch Notes for July 15 (Update)

Outriders Update 1.11

People Can Fly’s Outriders update 1.11 is out today, Thursday, July 15, and lets Xbox users sign in faster, improved matchmaking and more. Check out what’s new in the list below.

Note there is a chance the patch be pushed back (with People Can Fly’s reasoning behind it mentioned below), and if it is, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Patch is out, alongside an update on the demo!

Outriders Update 1.11 Patch Notes for July 15:

  • Improved and faster Xbox Sign in Process
    • Please let us know if your experience signing in on Xbox has improved!
  • Improved Matchmaking to reduce the chance of matching with an AFK player
    • Players that are AFK (not interacting with the game) for more than 2 minutes will be automatically removed from the matchmaking queue.
    • Interacting with NPCs or configuring skills, mods or builds is not considered AFK behaviour (though being inactive for 2 minutes+ while being in menus or dialogue options is).
  • Improved the visibility of Brood Mothers’ “Surge” AOE Attack (Blue flames)
  • Fixed a bug whereby Scrap Grenade would stop working after a cinematic or when re-joining a session
  • Resolved an issue with the Technomancers Borealis Set and changed its description to match its new behaviour
    • The New Description is:
      • Increase damage on Frozen enemies by 90%. Also, Critical Hit Damage is increased by 10% for all party members for 8 seconds after Cold Snap usage.
    • The Old Description was:
      • Increase Weapon Damage on Frozen enemies by 90%. Also, Critical Hit Damage is increased by 10% for all party members for 8 seconds after Cold Snap usage.
    • IMPORTANT: While we have resolved one problematic aspect of this set, we very recently discovered a second underlying issue that can still cause the full 90% set bonus to stop working when in combat. Un-equipping and re-equipping the set can help temporarily resolve this. We apologize for this confusion and are already working on a resolution to this second issue.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Tricksters Hunt The Prey to get stuck on activating
  • Fixed a bug whereby Bleed status from the armor mod ‘Bloody Crush’ would not be inflicted on enemies hit with the ‘Gravity Leap’ skill
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Devastator’s “Blood Donation” class node wouldn’t work if the player didn’t have other active “skill life leech” nodes or mods.
  • Clarified the description for the Ravenous Locust Mod
  • Fixed a bug whereby dismantling an item might not have displayed the mod preview
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the “In Sync” accolade to not properly unlock for Client players
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to not get the proper reward if they completed an Expedition during the final second of the reward tier.
  • Other bug and crash Fixes

This patch will also include the below tweak which can be considered a small rebalance. Please note that this is just a small tweak that required code work and was already ready to be rolled into this patch. Our next patch after this one is intended to have more buffs for all classes.

  • [REBALANCE] Changed the Pyromancers Healthy Lifesyle Mod and changed it’s description to match it’s new behaviour.
    • This change should improve survivabilty while channeling this skill
    • The New Description is:
      • F.A.S.E.R Beam: Boosts your Health Regeneration X for the skill duration.
    • The Old Description was
      • F.A.S.E.R Beam: Boosts your Health Regeneration by X for Y seconds after the skill ends.

Demo Update:

  • The Outriders Demo has been updated so that its fix list and improvements are now in line with our 22nd of June patch.
  • Important: The Demo no longer requires Square Enix Membership registration in order to play, so if you know anyone who was holding off the demo due to this reason, please do let them know.


Note that there are issues associated with the testing phase of this patch too, which you can read about below.

Important Patch Release Info

As mentioned this Tuesday, while testing this patch we came across a couple of crashes. Community discussions indicate that these issues appear, for the most part, to already be present in the game.

We are therefore releasing this patch in the knowledge that these issues exist and the belief that this patch will not introduce them.

There is a risk, however, that this patch may increase the frequency of one or both of these issues, but this is something we will only be able to determine with data analysis after the patch releases. Please do also be sure to let us know if you experience any increased crashing following this patch.

Fixes for these issues are already being worked on to be implemented at the next available opportunity.

If the patch is delayed, we’ll be sure to update the post.

Update: Full patch notes have been listed via People Can Fly!

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