The Division Double Rewards Starts Today, Update 1.7 Shoots Out This August 15

The Division fans, Ubisoft is rolling out a a new game update this coming week, and along with it, a host of new tweaks and of course, new content!

Check out the complete list of The Division update tweaks for patch 1.7:

Update 1.7

  • Release date: Tuesday August 15th
  • Patch notes will be released on Monday August 14th at 6 PM CEST

Global Event Outbreak

  • Starts at August 15th – the exact time is not clear yet, but it is at the same day as 1.7 drops
  • It is the one with the toxic NPCs and the headshot modifier
  • It will run till August 22nd – so next Tuesday

Commendations / Patches

  • Commendations will be activated with 1.7 and it will add a new achievement-system into the game. You will be rewarded with a new vanity item – the Patches. You can put them on your character.


  • Were not shown in this State of the Game – they remain a surprise
  • You can get those based on your performance during the Global Events

Character Customization Station

  • You can now customize your character in the Terminal – but there are restrictions and you will have the same options as you had when you created your character

Encrypted Caches

  • New Encrypted Caches will be added to the game, that can be bought with real money or key-fragments that can be collected in game.
  • They contain vanity items and can be collected by the Premium Vendor.
  • Summary how they function than be found here: Link

Year 2 Summary

  • The detailed Update 1.7 summary will be online when we get closer to launch, until then you can check out the Year 2 summary

Classified Gear Sets

  • Lone Star / Final Measure / Dead Eye will be added to the game with the first Global Event

Last Changes

  • Stable Weapon Talent was changed to 10% – you can still get it on sub-30 weapons, but not in endgame weapons
  • Ballistic Shield gets a PVP modifier – players now do 20% more damage to shields than before.
  • In addition to that, the 3-piece bonus of D3-FNC was changed from “+30% Ballistic Shield health” to 10% Damage to Elites – this is a preparation for the classified version of the set.

Global Event Caches

Droprates have been confirmed:

  • 2 Guaranteed Drops in each cache plus one possible bonus item
  • 45% chance that it is a Classified item
  • 43.5% chance that it is a normal Gear Set item
  • 11.5% chance that it is an Exotic item
  • There is also a 12.5% chance that you get a bonus drop and when you get one, you have a 90% chance to get a classified and a 10% that you get an Exotic piece

Global Event Tokens

  • Drops have been reworked and fixed from the PTS, so that you have the same behavior across the board.

Encrypted Caches

  • Key-Fragments have now a 20% droprate
  • They drop from any named boss in the entire content (Underground needs to be confirmed but they should also drop Key-Fragments)


The lag investigation is still going on and that was also the reason they did not go into too much detail. But they have identified at least one issue they intent to fix:

Server / Client de-synchronisation

  • This is something that has been reported in many videos. This happens when you see/do something on your client but another players sees something completely different
  • Multiple causes have been identified and they are currently working on fixes.

Other causes are still under investigation – they will keep us informed.

Known issues that are still under investigation but won’t be fixed in time for update 1.7 is the Adept talent bug. Also of note, this weekend, Ubisoft will host a “Double Field Proficiency Cache” event which means all agents will receive two field proficiency caches each time they fill their field proficiency bar. This will event will start on August 11 and will last until August 14.

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Source: Reddit/r/TheDivision

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