Train Sim World 2 Update 1.86 Out for Many Fixes This June 27

Train Sim World 2 update 1.86

Dovetail Games has released the Train Sim World 2 update 1.86 (PS5 version 1.044) patch for all platforms today that comes with various improvements and bug fixes. Check out the the official Train Sim World 2 June 27 patch notes below.  

Train Sim World 2 Update 1.86 | Train Sim World 2 Update 1.044 Patch Notes | Train Sim World 2 June 27 Update Patch Notes:

Core Improvements 

  • [Xbox] Fixed Xbox ‘Jackhammer’ issue, so audio across all routes should function as originally intended. 
    Note: Xbox players will not need to redownload their Add-ons for this to take effect. 
  • Fixed an issue meaning players couldn’t refuel across multiple routes and scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue preventing upload of Creators Club screenshots for Xbox Series X/S players
  • Reduced instances of stutter and reduced controller response reported across the Steam build since Spirit of Steam Core update

Ruhr-Sieg Nord 

  • NPCs should now correctly disembark from the train at Letmathe.
  • Adjusted position of collectible at Finnentrop Station so it can now by collected by player.

West Somerset Railway 

  • [BR Class 52] [Xbox Series X] During Gala Gathering scenario should now be completable after a change to the turntable functionality.

Great Western Express

  • We’ve sprayed on an extra layer of adhesive to the driver’s seat, so the player should no longer be able to stand up once they have sat down during the tutorial.

DB BR 143 

  • Fixed an issue causing the decals to light up incorrectly.

That’s it for the latest patch for Train Sim World 2. The game is out now for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. 

Source: Dovetail Games forums

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