Halo 4 Regicide Off-Screen Gameplay Video

Once more, 343 industries sheds some light on their upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Halo 4, slated to release the 6th of November.

In case you missed it, we last checked out Infinity Slayer in our earlier article, which puts a twist on the fan favorite game mode, Team Slayer. To accompany this new mode, 343 Industries is also adding a the newly introduced Regicide to the Halo 4 audience.

Footage of this new game mode can be found below:

[youtube id=”oGzMFV32fTE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Here’s a brief run down on what to expect from this new game mode:

  • This is a point based game mode where the person with the most points is crowned the “King”
  • Killing the King nets you more points then killing a regular person
  • You can earn points by not just killing people, but by achieving kill assists as well
  • Ability to change your load out during the game
  • The enemy kings are identified by a special mark over their head
  • If you are the king, you will be notified by a special glowing bar underneath your health bar
  • Each kill nets you 10 points, including melee kills
  • Kill assist net you 5 points
  • Head shots reward you with an additional 5 points to the already 10 points per kill

If your still looking for more Halo 4 gameplay, you can check out the recently covered map, Longbow, being played on the new Infinity Slayer game mode.

Thanks to Adam “SeaNanners” Montoya for the this great gameplay of Regicide.

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