Here’s a Look at the Borderlands 3 Ping System in Action

New Borderlands 3 Hotfix August 20

Just a week ago, Gearbox Software talked about the Borderlands 3 social features the studio is baking into the game. Not only will we able to share our most insane in-game moments, and livestream them with ease, but even the social aspect of in-game communication has been made better too with the Borderlands 3 ping system.

If you’ve played Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends (or haven’t, in which case, go do it), chances are you’ve seen or heard of the game’s excellent ping system that lets gamers point out enemies, loot, objectives, and more, all without the need for a mic. Gearbox has essentially copied this for Borderlands 3, and here’s our first look at some Borderlands 3 ping system gameplay!

Not bad, right? While it might not be important in a mostly PvE-focused game like Borderlands 3, this is still a welcome addition especially for those who don’t want using a mic all the time.

Are you happy with the Borderlands 3 ping system so far? What else do you think Gearbox should put in it to make it more accessible?

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