Injustice 2 Black Manta Trailer Swims Out

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In a press release, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new Injustice 2 trailer and it introduces us to Black Manta. For those unfamiliar with the villain, he’s Aquaman’s archnemesis, and dons a suit that can fire projectiles, lets him fly and more.

Watch the Injustice 2 Black Manta trailer above and we’ve included the press release as well.

Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment revealed gameplay for Black Manta in Injustice 2, the first Fighter Pack 2 character who will join the Injustice 2 roster on September 12. Archnemesis to Aquaman and sworn enemy of the sea, Black Manta proves that his brilliant intellect, armored battle suit, energy beams and array of powerful weapons are more than enough to make him a worthy opponent for the king of Atlantis, as well as the other Injustice 2Super Heroes and Super-Villains.

Black Manta will be included in the Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 that will be released this September 12 for the PS4 and Xbox One.