Insurgency Molotov Spring Update Now Live, Catch the New Trailer and Full Change Log

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Brand new content is now available in New World Interactive’s gritty, team-based, tactical shooter, Insurgency, offering new modes, new maps, an expanded arsenal, and much more, all for free.

The update, dubbed “Molotov Spring,” also offers a number of stability improvements making Insurgency a much more enjoyable experience overall.

Check out the new trailer above, as well as the entire list of updates, fixes, and new content below, courtesy of NWI founder and game director “JBlum”.

Insurgency Molotov Spring Update

New Content

  • New maps: Buhriz and Revolt
  • New weapon: FN FAL
  • New grenades: ANM-14 incendiary grenade, Molotov cocktail
  • New upgrades: 2x Aimpoint, Elcan 3.4x Scope, wooden foregrips for AKM/AKS.
  • New upgrade options for M-40A1 and Mosin Nagant including suppressors and optics.
  • New game modes:
    • Infiltrate – Our new Capture the Flag inspired game mode where you must obtain the enemy’s intel and return it to your base. Your team gets reinforced upon taking the enemy’s intel or killing an enemy intel carrier.
    • Flashpoint – One of our new objective-based respawn modes where there is only 1 capture point in the middle, and where each team has two weapon caches. Capturing the point or destroying the caches will bring your team reinforcements, and clearing the entire area will result in victory.
    • Occupy – Our new King of the Hill inspired game mode where your team must occupy the map in order to slowly force the enemy to run out of reinforcement waves. Controlling the objective allows your team to continue reinforcing without depleting any waves.
    • Vendetta – A new single life mode where each team has a leader that they must protect and capture an objective with. Capturing or eliminating the enemy’s leader will result in victory.
  • Updated Game Modes:
    • Strike – We have removed the old Strike and put Search and Destroy in its place, but with only 1 cache and a single life.
    • Ambush – Formerly known as VIP Escort.
  • New matchmaking category specific to single-life game modes. Objective-based respawning modes are now referred to as “Adversarial”.
  • All new bot AI for Cooperative and offline practice mode.
  • All new Cooperative missions for each map (plus new maps).

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed client side crash caused by being deafened by explosions.
  • Fixed client side crash caused by player death.
  • Fixed client side “OnDataChanged” crash.
  • Fixed Linux coop server crash.
  • Fixed broken radial menu in OSX.
  • Increased the sound channel limit, which should reduce performance drops caused by the audio system.
  • Added Level of Detail to player models for improved performance especially on more open maps.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Added centralized system for HQ messages which also features queueing so radio messages don’t play over one another.
  • At the end of the round players are now told the winning condition that was met so that players better understand what caused the round to end.
  • Fixed weapon dropping so weapons and grenades no longer fall through the ground or disappear quickly after being dropped.
  • Strike is now a single life game mode with only 1 cache to locate and destroy.
  • Unless you are in a spawn zone, you now must be directly looking at a cache to open the inventory menu with the Use key.
  • Made all hold/toggle control choices, such as crouch and ironsight, into separate keybindings instead. The game will detect old configs and will setup the new bindings appropriately depending on their settings.
  • Added “mp_player_spotting” server-side option to disable spotting.
  • Added resupply delay to prevent people spamming explosives from their spawn/friendly caches.
  • You no longer get unbipodded when a player walks past you.
  • Fixed counter-attack being triggered with only 1 player left alive in Checkpoint.
  • The final objective in Checkpoint now has a counter-attack round with the bots starting from the previous objective.
  • Added 3 second delay to weapon being lowered in restricted area, time configurable through “mp_restricted_area_wpn_time”.
  • Hopefully addressed some of the hit detection issues by using specific outer bounds for player collision. Please provide us with feedback on this.
  • Added “sv_hud_deathmessages_spectator” which allows you to turn on death notices for spectators.
  • Added “cl_hud_deathnotice_show_demo” which allows you to force on death notices during demo playback, regardless of server setting at the time of recording.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed pistol not being deploy when you become the VIP.
  • Fixed VIP viewmodel hands not being used when playing as the VIP.
  • Fixed scroll up behavior when you have no primary weapon.
  • Fixed problem with receiving pistol in training.
  • Fixed incorrect knife weapon class.
  • Fixed localization issues with joining the spectator team.
  • Fixed some materials that had script errors generating console warnings.
  • Fixed “Spectating” caption sometimes showing up when it shouldn’t.
  • Cache discovery sounds now play to entire team, not just squad of discoverer.
  • Fixed floating weapons around the map (still a known bug with floating attachments).

Accessibility and UI Improvements

  • Added French and Portuguese (Brazilian) localization.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese and Dutch localization.
  • Updated Game Controller configuration using settings from CSGO.
  • New dedicated HUD element for warning players about restricted areas.
  • Adjusted PO-4x reticule.
  • Style changes to game instructor.
  • Milliseconds shown on game timer when there is less than a minute remaining.

New Voice Responses

  • Friendly subordinate and friendly squad leader down.
  • Player wounded.
  • Molotov and Incendiary throw callouts.
  • Molotov and Incendiary burns.
  • Cooperative bots performing aggressive investigation for player.
  • Cooperative bots flashbang reaction.
  • Cooperative HQ game start, counterattack start, counterattack end.
  • Cooperative RPG callouts.
  • Destroy objective radial callouts.
  • HQ and player objective related dialogue for points Foxtrot through Juliet.
  • HQ dialogue for Infiltrate, Occupy, Flashpoint, Vendetta, and Strike for both game start and round start.

New Achievements

  • Recruited
  • Aced It!
  • Decisive Victory: Buhriz
  • Decisive Victory: Contact
  • Decisive Victory: District
  • Decisive Victory: Heights
  • Decisive Victory: Market
  • Decisive Victory: Ministry
  • Decisive Victory: Peak
  • Decisive Victory: Siege
  • Decisive Victory: Complete

Have you had a chance to try out the new content? What are your thoughts?