The Last of Us Vs. Uncharted 3 – The Best Easter Egg Comparison Yet

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Yes, guys, I am still working on the multiplayer review for The Last of Us, but there’s only so much of it that I can play before the urge to play single player kicks back in.

I know normally we don’t cover things that focus on the single player of a title, but this was just way to cool to miss. If you’ve played Uncharted 3, then you’ll know the opening scene is set inside an Irish Pub. Well, it seems that after enough treasure hunting to last him fives lives, Victor Goddamn Sullivan did the unthinkable and bought his own Irish Pub set in The Last of Us Universe.

The video below shows off the pub from both games, which are nearly identical with a few differences.

Pretty neat don’t you think? Oh, and our review should hopefully be up later this week with a few other surprises, hopefully.